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We work with a diverse group of home care agencies throughout the country. Whether they are a start-up, established home care agency, or part of a franchise family, the common denominator is that our clients work hard to deliver excellence in care and provide a supportive working environment to their caregivers. Contact us online or call us today at (734) 436-2631.

The Rosemark System is designed to support your agency’s ongoing efforts to provide quality care and remarkable service.

With our system’s ease of use, intuitive design, and first-in-its-class customer service, our team partners with you to ensure a reliable, scalable system that helps you to manage your most critical resources: people, payors, outcomes, and data.

Customer Testimonials

Make the decision to partner with Rosemark and you, too, will be among our many satisfied customers.

Intuitive and user-friendly.

“Switching to Rosemark was the best business decision we have made! Their unparalleled customer service and user-friendly software make them a real pleasure to work with. We couldn’t be more satisfied.”

— Stephenie Hebert

“I have used Rosemark for the last 10 years for all 3 of my businesses and they have always been responsive to my needs and the needs of my staff. They continually provide new features to an already very reliable system.”

— Steve Novak


“Rosemark told me that they were a company we could grow with and they have certainly held up their promise. Washington State has many requirements that other states do not have and Rosemark is ahead of the pack by having many tools in place which makes our business run smoothly. Our last state auditor was pleasantly surprised with the accessibility to information which makes our company shine.”

— Bonnie Pitts Stevenson

Your Advocate.

“I love this software and the customer support with your company is just unbelievable.”

—Robert Johnson

“Rosemark continues to make improvements and listen to suggestions to help us run more efficiently. Rosemark has become a trusted business partner who continues to provide outstanding customer service and support. They are always available when we need them and answer our questions on a timely basis.”

— Caryn Coff

Responsive. We call you back.

“Rosemark has been crucial in helping our business keep up with our growth and has become an essential component to our day-to-day business activities. Rosemark separates itself from the crowd with their exceptional customer service. Every time I have a question, I call their number and instantly talk to someone who is knowledgeable and capable of helping me. Not a single time have I called Rosemark for assistance and have been let down.”

— Christian Dockter

“I know I may have a lot of questions but you all are NEVER too busy to stop and help me figure them out. You all are amazing!”

— Earl Harrison

Crucial for helping your business grow.

“If you want a scheduling system that integrates with QuickBooks, there is nothing better. Our accountant now spends 50 percent less time fixing and manually entering and changing all the stuff that really did not fully integrate with our prior system.”

— David Hoppe

“The Caregiver Mobile App is so easy for the caregivers to navigate. I get notifications right away if they’ve clocked out too far away or if they haven’t shown up. With every aspect, I absolutely love it!”

— Wendy Maust


“I have been using the Rosemark System since 2005 and within that time I can only recall 2 hours total that the system was ever down. That makes their reliability 99.9999%. Needless to say, the reliability of Rosemark is just outstanding.”

— Paul Gach

“Rosemark is wonderful to work with. The staff are very knowledgeable and always, very professional and friendly! Not to mention that the Rosemark System is all about making my job easier and provides information at my fingertips regardless of if I’m in the office or out in the field.”

— Debra Pugh


“I spent about 3 months doing an Internet search to find the software which would meet our home care agency’s very specific and unique needs. Several companies provided demos, great introductions to their products, but all were price-restrictive. I am pleased that Rosemark works for our budget AND meets all our needs.”

— Mary Ribiero

“Their tools are our best friend. They enable us to get the data in so that getting the important data out is easy and reliable. Their team have often anticipated our needs and come to me with solutions that are better and beyond what we can create manually.”

— Mark Bush

Customer Success Stories

Read more about our customers’ journeys in choosing the Rosemark System, or write your own success story by deciding to partner with Rosemark.

Our streamlined, cloud-based home care agency management software increases efficiencies and provides powerful outcomes that elevate care and help you stand apart from the competition.

Get started today with the company that set the standard in operational software for non-medical home care agencies. Contact us at (734) 436-2631 to set up a free, no-obligation demo and to learn more about how Rosemark can help pave your path to success.

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