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We work with a diverse group of home care agencies throughout the country. Whether they are a start-up, established home care agency, or part of a franchise family, the common denominator is that our clients work hard to deliver excellence in care and provide a supportive working environment to their caregivers. Contact us online or call us today at (734) 436-2631.

The Rosemark System is designed to support your agency’s ongoing efforts to provide quality care and remarkable service.

With our system’s ease of use, intuitive design, and first-in-its-class customer service, our team partners with you to ensure a reliable, scalable system that helps you to manage your most critical resources: people, payors, outcomes, and data.

Customer Testimonials

Make the decision to partner with Rosemark and you, too, will be among our many satisfied customers.

Intuitive and user-friendly.

“Rosemark has been an absolute game-changer for our home health care agency. The user-friendly interface and intuitive scheduling tools have streamlined our operations and improved efficiency significantly. With features like electronic visit verification and real-time updates, we can ensure accurate records and better communication with our caregivers and clients. The customer support team has been exceptional, always available to assist with any questions or customization needs. Overall, Rosemark has exceeded our expectations and is an essential tool for managing our day-to-day operations seamlessly..”

— Troy Hoort

“I have used Rosemark for the last 10 years for all 3 of my businesses and they have always been responsive to my needs and the needs of my staff. They continually provide new features to an already very reliable system.”

— Steve Novak


“Rosemark told me that they were a company we could grow with and they have certainly held up their promise. Washington State has many requirements that other states do not have and Rosemark is ahead of the pack by having many tools in place which makes our business run smoothly. Our last state auditor was pleasantly surprised with the accessibility to information which makes our company shine.”

— Bonnie Pitts Stevenson

Your Advocate.

“I love this software and the customer support with your company is just unbelievable.”

—Robert Johnson

“I began using Rosemark when I opened my home care business in 2012. I did so based on a recommendation from a colleague who raved about the level of customer service he had received. That has been true for me and my team as well – we know the team at Rosemark has our back. The software is user friendly and easy to orient new office staff to. The caregiver app has been a huge help to our operation, allowing for even more automation. Most importantly, when we need something, we can talk to someone who genuinely wants to help us. I would highly recommend Rosemark!”

— Mike Davis

Responsive. We call you back.

“My agency has used Rosemark since 2016. We have enjoyed excellent customer service the entire time. I have been especially happy with the new app we use for home care aides to clock in and out and document their work.”

— Dan Story

“We have used Rosemark for ten years since we opened our Senior Homecare office. Due to a business situation, we recently switched to Wellsky and I truly realize it was a huge mistake for our team. Rosemark offers so many benefits that Wellsky does not and as I was told, they have no intention of offering these benefits. These are just a few of the things Rosemark has that Wellsky does not. We no longer get text and email alerts when someone logs in late. So if you or your team are out in the field, you have to log into their website to keep checking when that person logs in. It is very inconvenient. Wellsky does not have an office app like Rosemark, just a caregiver app. Reports are only printed in PDF form so you can’t modify them. Employee last names are used in reports instead of just the last initial. We have no way to lock down the schedule to do behind the scene changes. The schedule is available for all to see forever. Rosemark gave us the opportunity to only release the schedule weekly. I really miss that. One of the biggest issues is that Wellsky does not give me notices when vital things are coming due, such as background checks, birthdays, TB requirements, driver’s license, etc. You have to manually go search for these things. That’s frustrating!

Rosemark has those pending alerts front and center, every time you log in. Rosemark has a much more responsive customer service team. When we needed something new, they did their best to ensure it was done in a timely fashion. When asked for a new feature, Rosemark’s response is ” We’ll do our best to make it happen.” And usually within a week, we had what we needed.
Twice we asked someone for help at Wellsky and was told, it isn’t my department. Now any request with Wellsky is “No, we’re too busy to work on that. Maybe someday in the future we can make that happen.” If you are deciding between the two, choose wisely. In my opinion, you truly do get better support and service with Rosemark. They care, and it shows. Do you and your team a favor, choose Rosemark!”

— Trish Thiel

Crucial for helping your business grow.

“I have used Rosemark in some capacity since 2015 when I joined a home care agency in Virginia as its Care Manager. The customer support, responsiveness, respect, and knowledge which the staff at Shoshana Technologies demonstrates is exactly what a customer desires. On the software side, the product is what an agency needs it to be – trustworthy, dependable, functional, and efficient. I have always appreciated the Rosemark system for how it keeps our day to day operations flowing without issue.

In July 2022, I began working with the team at Shoshana in a different capacity as a business co-owner with aspirations to go mostly electronic with our payroll/invoicing process as well as our documentation process for our Care Team. David Goldwyn has been nothing short of amazing every step of the way for both myself and my business partner. David exemplifies what Shoshana stands for, he is prompt, responsive, communicates well, researches what he does not already know, gives solutions and avenues for results, collaborates with our processes, and sees the value in how we run our company. Without David, Journey Together Home Care would not have gotten off the ground as smoothly as it has over the last 7 months. We are so appreciative of all Shoshana has to offer.”

— Katie Davis & Peter Getts

“The Caregiver Mobile App is so easy for the caregivers to navigate. I get notifications right away if they’ve clocked out too far away or if they haven’t shown up. With every aspect, I absolutely love it!”

— Wendy Maust


“User since 2008, system has grown with the industry trends and regulations. Support is extremely responsive and very knowledgeable. Reliability is 100%. Our caregivers find the mobile app and EVV to be easy to use. I always look forward to new releases with new functionality.”

— Paul Gach

“Customer support is AMAZING! This software changed how we do business. So much more efficient than the software we started with. So glad we changed 4 years ago!”

— Devoted to Home


“We have used the Rosemark System for 15+ years and really appreciate how responsive they are to any questions or issues that arise. The overall cost is very reasonable particularly for new agencies and having accurate Electronic Visit Verifications (EVV) as well as Daily POC aide notes are essential for documentation.”

— Jill Stewart

“We have been using Rosemark as our home care software for well over 10 years and have been very satisfied. No reason to look elsewhere. Their customer service is always great. Very highly recommended!”

— Michael Vonhof

Customer Success Stories

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