Strategic Partnerships

Enabling the best technology in the home care industry requires partnerships with other companies and organizations that provide best-in-class solutions.

Home Care Pulse

Home Care Pulse is the leading firm in satisfaction research and quality assurance Rosemark provides an integration with Home Care Pulse enabling you to get monthly client/caregiver satisfaction reports and detailed feedback, reduce caregiver turnover, earn more referrals, and grow your home care agency.

Synergi Partners

Comprising tax credit veterans with years of experience serving clients of all sizes and in virtually all industries, Synergi Partners specializes in helping employers take advantage of tax credit programs, as well as disaster relief incentives and research & development tax credits. With an executive team made up of thought leaders who have made significant contributions to the incentives industry, Synergi Partners’ main goal is to provide the best service available to achieve maximum value for its clients.

Care N Assist

Care N Assist is a home care franchisor founded in 2005, with a dedication to elite service and a personal drive to provide it. Rosemark is proud to support Care N Assist to help them to grow to their full potential.

The Hire Effect

We use The Hire Effect’s tools in our own office to help us make the choices that determine our company’s future. With these tools, we can ensure we are hiring staff with the right skills and attitude to drive us forward. The Hire Effect helps businesses make a great hire every time.

Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels is a nationwide franchisor and a trusted name in home care since 1998. For more than 12 years we’ve worked with and helped Visiting Angels franchisees from coast to coast. They trust the Rosemark System with their data and the Rosemark team as their Angels provide top quality care.

Sandata Technologies

Working together with Sandata, Rosemark now provides an Automated Sandata Integration. Upload the data that your state requires through mandated Medicaid Electronic Visit Verification to save you time and money!

Intuit Quickbooks

Intuit Quickbooks provides integrated comprehensive financials
What does this mean for our customers? Rosemark provides an Automated integration with Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online giving you full access to a suite of billing and payroll reports, accounts receivable, etc.


PayRight offers Home Care Agencies and their clients expertise in third-party eligibility and billing to ensure your clients get the benefits they deserve from their coverage. They also provide funds to grow your agency based on your short-term needs. They can even take care of direct patient pay and balance billing if you need help. Rosemark provides that data to enable PayRight to perform these services with a minimum effort on your part.

Companion Connection

Rosemark has been a dedicated partner with Companion Connection Senior Care agencies for 8 years. Providing expert service to optimal use of Rosemark Software.

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