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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Did the File actually download? Press CTRL + J to check your downloads! (look for “installrosemark.exe”)
  • Do you have McAfee or Norton Anti-virus installed? Look to the lower right hand corner for the alert and to temporarily disable!
  • Windows Defender popping up with a scary message? Don’t be afraid, Click “More Info” and “Run Anyway”!
  • Allow this program to make changes to your computer! (You can trust us)
  • Complete the installation!

  • Click “Possibly Available” check box in the upper left hand corner.
  • If you can assign the shift after checking this, go ahead and assign the shift.
  • A box will pop up explaining what was blocking the assignment initially, and will ask you if you want to override. (Missing service type, missing skills, or availability)
  • If the open shift is still not dropping down to the caregivers planner line, more investigation is needed!
  1. Check the caregiver assignment for possible client / caregiver exclusion
  2. If the client has overlapping shifts and there’s 2 planner lines, make sure the button on the planner line with the open shift is selected!
  3. Check the caregivers profile to make sure they have an active date before the shift you’re trying to assign them to!

You can do this very easily!

  • Open the client’s profile. (Tip: Use CTRL+F to quickly find them!)
  • Click on the “Schedule” button. (If the client has more than one service, you will have to click on the service that has the schedule you wish to change.)
  • In the window that pops up, click on the line with the schedule that is being changed.
  • Click the “Change Schedule” button and choose the date in which you want the changes to take effect.
  • Make the changes in the times below by altering the days of the week check-boxes and start / end times as needed.
  • Hit apply! (Any shifts that conflict with this change will need to be dealt with accordingly!)
  • Done!
  • On the client’s profile in their Summary tab, click the Schedule button.
  • In the Schedule Manager, click the Discontinue Service Button in the upper right corner.
  • Choose the date on which the service is to be discontinued and click “OK”. (You may have to hop in the planner and click “Assignment”>”Unassign all shifts from….  select the last date of service)
  • This is normal!

  • They will not show up in your active client list until the first date of service.  You will still be able to schedule shifts and work on that client.

  • Open up your Active Caregivers list.
  • Hit CTRL + A to automatically select and highlight the entire list. (If you only want to select a few, hold the CTRL key as you select from the list the people you want to send the message to.)
  • Once you’ve made your selections click the File menu> “Send Message to selected….”
  • Type the message you want to send (Anything over 160 characters will be sent as a separate text.
  • This message will go out as both an email and text if the “Text” checkbox is checked in their profile

  • Consult your un-billable shifts report for answers!
  • This is found in the Reports Menu > Unbillable Shifts
  • The most common reason is no Payment Obligation (Whoever is actually paying for the service).
  • Have you invoiced them before? Check your invoice list for an already open invoice

  1. First Check your EVV / Telephony window ! (Office Menu> Telephony / Electronic Visit Verification Events)
  2. Look for any failed logins or outs (Look for lines with a red “X”!)
  3. Click on one to investigate why it didn’t go through!
  4. Look for the “Reason”!
  5. 9.9 times out of 10 it’s user error when there’s an issue with clocking in or out.
  • Find the client in Rosemark and open their profile.  (Pressing CTRL + F is the quickest way to find them!)
  • In their summary tab, check the “Show All” check box to show all the services this client has received.
  • Click to highlight the service type you want to start up again.  (If they are starting a service type they’ve never received before you can add it and set it up like you normally would with a new client).
  • Hop in the schedule manager by clicking the “Schedule” button.
  • Click the “Service Discontinued” line.
  • Change the status and add the new schedule!

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Finding reliable partners to help you meet your business needs and achieve your growth goals can be a challenge. So we did the work for you! Here’s a list of some of the home care industry partners we work. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team if you have questions about specific vendors or resources.

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