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Rosemark partners know they’re working with a trusted team of experts in home care software who provide industry-leading customer care. Contact us online or call us today at (734) 436-2631.

Our system is customizable, scalable, and allows for skilled management of people, payors, outcomes, and data. We help you grow without huge IT investments and make sure your data is secure and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Our multistep customer onboarding and ongoing support are unparalleled. As a Rosemark customer, you benefit from the expertise of an award-winning business with more than 30 years of home care industry experience. With extensive onboarding, continued training opportunities, and periodic usage checks, we make it easy for our customers to learn and get the most out of our software.

Our developers, customer success, and administrative team members meet regularly with our customers, hosting frequent peer-to-peer discussions and focus groups. Our attention is on our customers’ needs and finding solutions that make their daily operations and workflows run more smoothly.

Agency Growth

Our intuitive and powerful home care agency growth applications help you keep building business to achieve growth and reach revenue goals.

Woman and man in office setting looking a a computer screen that shows the Rosemark System home care management software

The Rosemark System can help you succeed in growing and scaling your home care agency so you can focus on delivering better care and improving client outcomes.

PayOr Diversification

  • Manage and report on multiple payor contracts
  • Move faster with integrated billing for private pay, long-term care insurance (LTCi), workers comp, VA benefits, and Medicaid
  • Streamline accounts receivables with payor-specific electronic billing methodologies
  • Meet 21st Century Cures Act requirements with our Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system that integrates with Sandata Technologies, HHAeXchange, Netsmart (formerly Tellus) and other systems

Data Management

  • Record and organize call activity by client, caregiver, office staff, referral source, and more
  • Monitor daily office activities including real-time scheduling edits, trainings, interviews, and personnel matters
  • Customize payroll reports to track multiple pay rates, overtime pay, travel time pay, mileage, and reimbursable expenses
  • Maximize operational efficiencies, freeing up time to sell, market, and recruit

Marketing Metrics

  • Plan and measure sales outreach, lead generation, business introductions, and revenue reports by salesperson
  • Track and manage referrals to identify, nurture, and deepen key relationships
  • Capture data to provide detailed reports about referrals by company, number of referrals, and revenue generated

Care Delivery

Manage client care effectively with a powerful caregiver scheduling software that integrates with tools focused on efficient care solutions.

Home care agency employees reviewing information on a computer screen

Unlike other home care software systems, Rosemark doesn’t force you to use the same tools as someone else. Scheduling, authorization, and care plans are all designed specifically for the care of each client with our partners’ unique needs in mind.

Client Management

  • Set up daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly scheduling patterns and calendars with our flexible caregiver scheduling tools
  • Make instant decisions with color-coded action tags in the scheduling view
  • View multiple home care scheduling scenarios at one time, with the ability to prioritize and fill urgent care needs
  • Work on critical scheduling needs as a team with real-time collaborative scheduling
  • Record daily activities and tasks through an intuitive mobile app
  • Identify ideal client/caregiver matches based on availability, skill sets, and authorization requirements
  • Instantly view overtime scenarios

Care Plans

  • Create customized care plans for accurate, real-time assessments in the field
  • Utilize customizable EVV tool for caregiver task recording at each client interaction, prompting calls for action based on personal client care plan to ensure client health and safety

Change-of-Condition Reporting

  • Respond to notable changes in client condition to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations by adding client change-of-condition prompts
  • Report change-of-condition metrics to prove value and results to payers, referrers, families, and customers

Caregiver Management

Our powerful care management software helps you find and evaluate qualified candidates, increase retention by keeping employees happy, and communicate easily in a variety of ways.

Caregiver showing off the Rosemark System caregiver mobile app for evv

With Rosemark, your home care agency will be able to recruit and screen qualified candidates and increase employee retention and job satisfaction. Additionally, the system features different ways of communicating important information such as offering shifts or sending holiday messages.

Hiring and Human Resources

  • Connect automated job applications to your website and job boards so you can quickly and easily create new applicant files and receive email alerts for new applicants.
  • Reward caregivers for meeting goals, providing superior service, achieving professional milestones, and serving as brand ambassadors
  • Get a better understanding of caregivers’ performance, track their records of being late, canceling shifts, refusing shift offers, and no-shows
  • Run reports to keep track of expiring credentials for caregiver licenses, professional certifications, TB test compliance, CPR certification, auto insurance, training compliance, and authorized hours
  • Set automatic expiration reminders for certifications, licensing, and training
  • Stay compliant with multiple state regulations and payer contracts


  • Give your caregivers the ability to review their schedules, see tasks in advance, view client care notes, accept or refuse shift offers, and record completed tasks with Rosemark’s easy-to-use Caregiver App
  • Automate next-day shift reminders to notify caregivers via text, email, or both, to decrease absenteeism
  • Ensure seamless communication with customized group and broadcast messaging specific to individual clients or caregivers
  • Choose from email, SMS text, email-to-text, or phone messaging options
  • Customize shift offers by targeting qualified individual caregivers or groups of caregivers
  • Use a caregiver app that provides real-time clock-ins/outs, GPS location capability, activity monitoring, task prompting and recording, as well as no-show alerts and automatic shift verification

Electronic Visit Verification

  • Improve communication with your caregivers through automated no-show alerts, real-time shift details, and automatic shift verification
  • Experience enhanced communication capabilities including broadcast messages, personal messages, and voice mail recording
  • Record activities through the phone or Caregiver App to both track and prompt activity
  • Clock-in from any mobile device with GPS location capabilities, allowing office staff to monitor caregiver location
  • Meet 21st Century Cures Act requirements in many states and integrate with Sandata Technologies, HHAeXchange, Netsmart (formerly Tellus), and other systems

Operations and Reporting

Rosemark’s home care management software makes information flow easy, with a QuickBooks integration for billing and payroll, electronic Medicaid billing, and billing for the Veterans Administration, Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi), and workers comp insurance. The system features a full range of customized home care reporting options.

A woman reviewing Rosemark System reports on her computer to improve caregiver management and scheduling

The Rosemark System helps non-medical home care agencies automate day-to-day operations like billing, payroll, and reporting, making your workflow more efficient.


  • Efficiently process invoicing with our 2-way integration that works with both online and desktop versions of QuickBooks, allowing agencies to seamlessly send invoices
  • Streamline processes and speed up billing and reimbursement with our:
    • Integrated long-term care insurance forms
    • Veterans Administration forms (CMS-1500 and UB-04)
    • Electronic Medicaid billing (837p & 837i)
    • Long-term Care Insurance
    • Workers compensation


  • Efficiently process payroll with our two-way integration with QuickBooks (online and desktop versions) that allows providers to seamlessly send timesheet information
  • Customize caregiver payroll reports to track multiple pay rates, overtime pay, travel time pay, mileage, and reimbursable expenses
  • Export third-party payroll including data files, .csv spreadsheets for Paychex, ADP, Viventium, and more


  • Track data for multiple offices on one dashboard and analyze location-specific data in-depth
  • Detail strategic business numbers including new client inquiries, lead-to-close rates, margins by client, and full-time equivalency (FTE) statistics
  • Monitor for unbillable shifts, unpayable shifts, and OT problems, allowing agencies to promptly make internal changes where necessary
  • Generate richly detailed data and statistics, including hours by service, hours by caregiver, and unscheduled shift hours
  • Get high-level or detailed minute-by-minute reporting on shift activities, including clock-ins/outs, caller ID, tasks, and reimbursements
  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including hours per payer, inquiries and conversion percentages, referrers and associated revenue, lost cases, recruitment, staffing utilization, turnover, sales, profitability, quality and compliance, and more

Facility Management

Rosemark’s Facilities Management tools allow caregivers to easily clock in once for their shifts at senior communities, look at their assigned activities of daily living (ADLs) for multiple clients, provide services, and then clock back out once at the end of their shift.

A caregiver at an adult care centers, assisted living communities, or nursing home working with clients after using the Rosemark Facilities Management tool to clock into her shift

When a caregiver clocks in through the Rosemark Caregiver app, they can view their client list and see the specific tasks assigned to them. Caregivers can check tasks off their list as they go through their day and then mark those tasks as completed or client refused.

Facilities Functionality

  • Organize clients at adult day facilities, assisted living communities, and nursing homes
  • Caregivers can clock in and out for their shifts with on touch GPS
  • Caregivers can review task lists for each client and record completion or client refused
  • Caregivers can review the client details for each resident and view the services they requested
  • Can be used as a staffing app for independent, assisted living, and nursing home communities for daily clock ins and outs
  • Option to allow caregivers to only view their assigned clients

Partner with the Industry Leaders

At Rosemark, we believe technology should not get in the way of operations. Instead, it should help you streamline your business to increase efficiencies, improve care outcomes, and lower costs. To learn more about our intuitive, user-friendly home care management software solutions, contact us online or call us today at (734) 436-2631 for a free consultation.

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