Customer JourneyMoving from Manual to Automated as a Medicaid Agency

“With a client base that is fairly evenly split between private pay and Medicaid, we have a lot to juggle. When we first started our business and our client census was lower, using paper records to record details about our Medicaid clients was manageable. Over time, however, it was becoming obvious that paper was slowing us down, leading to reporting errors, lost documentation and decreased efficiency. When we started exploring electronic software systems, we didn’t want to be taken advantage of due to our lack of knowledge.

We are so thankful we found Rosemark. From our first call with them, they put us at ease. They patiently explained the ways in which their system could help us run our agency more efficiently and they answered all of our many questions. After getting to know the challenges we were facing, they customized a set of software tools and helped us get up and running.

I can’t say enough about their customer service. They took the time to train each member of our staff so that we all felt confident using the many tools available. Now, we can’t image doing business without Rosemark on our team!”

Katie Davis

Care Manager at Virginia Home Care Partners

Like Katie Davis, many of our customers are faced with the challenges of efficiency and growth and the growing pains of adopting new technology.

With Rosemark as your partner, we work with you to help support your business goals, providing guidance that enhances efficiencies, while safeguarding the data and information that enables you to provide exceptional care.

The Challenge: Paper Records

Many home care agencies use paper time cards and client care notes for backup documentation for their Medicaid clients.

Other agencies may use paper-based systems because “it’s always been that way,” or maybe when your agency first started, with only a handful of caregivers and clients, it was manageable to keep track of payroll and client care plans this way.

Over time, however, relying on antiquated methods like these create challenges, such as:

Risk: Manual systems are at a high risk for potential confidentiality breeches, especially when paperwork happens outside of the office which is a likely scenario in home care.

HIPAA Compliance: Manual systems are at a high risk for potential confidentiality breeches, especially when paperwork happens outside of the office which is a likely scenario in home care.

Inaccuracy: With staff juggling care for a number of clients, filling in a time card before and after a shift may not always be a top priority. Because of this, time cards may be filled out after the fact and may lack accuracy.

Tardiness: Time cards must be delivered in person. If time cards are late, office staff must track these down, ultimately slowing down the entire payroll process.

Inefficiency: With paper records, data must be gathered by hand, individually analyzing each client care plan or time card. This makes it challenging for agency owners to gain any real insight into changes that could be made to increase efficiencies, both in delivering care and in managing care staff.

Loss: If a natural disaster or fire were to strike your home care agency office, all records could be lost, making it difficult to conduct day-to-day business.

The Solution: An Easy-To-Use Electronic System

As the first company to design operational software for non-medical home care agencies, Rosemark has set the standard in the industry.

With decades of experience, we help agencies manage their most critical resources – people, payors, outcomes and data.

With powerful, scalable and intuitive tools, our software platform can be accessed from anywhere and customized to meet your agency’s needs now, while positioning your business for future growth without losing sight of the importance of consistently delivering exceptional care.

Let us help with:

Electronic Visit Verification and the Caregiver Mobile App: These powerful tools provide real-time shift details, task completion reports, leave-early alerts, and automated no-show alerts to reduce financial risk and provide verified information if needed for back-up.

Scheduling: Increase productivity and efficiency with tools that help set up daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly scheduling patterns with color-coded calendars.

Payroll Tools: With seamless integrations for QuickBooks, increase efficiency and accuracy with electronic time sheets and payroll reports to track multiple pay rates, overtime pay, travel time pay, mileage, and reimbursable expenses. Easily export data files for third party payroll companies.

Report and Drive Growth: With robust reporting tools, track trends and harness critical information for in-depth analysis for both clients and payors. Use data to enhance care and to diversify payors, including long-term care insurance, Veterans Aid and Attendance, and Medicaid.

Enhanced Security: With streamlined, cloud-based technology, data is safe, eliminating disruptions to running your business and providing critical care.

The Future: Increased Productivity and Streamlined Care

By converting from a manually-based records system to the power and proficiency of the Rosemark cloud-based software system, customers like Katie Davis see a dramatic increase in their productivity and capacity to streamline care.

As a committed partner to the success of each client, Rosemark helps home care providers build a solid foundation for growth in tandem with achieving higher care staff satisfaction and increased levels of client care.

While precious monetary and human resources are spent on record keeping with a paper-based system, Rosemark helps Katie Davis, and agency owners and managers like her, manage clients, staff and payors with ease and efficiency.

With highly customizable tools designed for each home care company we partner with, Rosemark is invested in helping clients achieve their goals now and in the future.

Partner with Rosemark Today

At Rosemark, we are on the leading edge of developing software solutions that enable home care agencies to run efficiently so that they can focus on what matters most: providing clients with high-quality in-home care.

No matter if you’re an experienced business owner, or just starting out, Rosemark is a trusted partner that is invested in your success, delivering first-in-class customer service and custom-tailored solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us today at (734) 662-3537 to set up a free demo and learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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