Customer JourneyLaunching a New Home Care Agency

“After caring for my mother full-time and seeing the need for high-quality home care services in my community, I recently launched my own home care business. With only a handful of clients and caregivers, it was fairly easy to manage schedules and payroll.

However, as I’ve gained a reputation for high-quality care, my business started to grow and it seemed as though all my time was being spent hiring new staff and working on caregiver scheduling details. It didn’t leave me with any time to focus on why I got into this business in the first place: helping find care solutions for families.

Reaching out to Rosemark was one of the best decisions I ever made. They set up a demo of their software, and after learning about the needs of my agency, helped determine a package of tools that fit my current budget, while allowing us to grow. They’ve been patient with my many questions and they provided great training for me and our sales leader, allowing us to have more time to focus on client and family needs.”

Debbie Harrison

Director/Owner at Visiting Angels, Grand Junction, CO

For start-up agency owners like Debbie Harrison, there are a lot of balls to juggle when launching a new business. From marketing and sales to caregiver recruitment and hiring, the steps it takes to fulfill a dream of meeting the care needs of seniors in the community is definitely a labor of love.

New agency owners need a software partner like Rosemark who works with them to streamline efficiencies so that they can focus on building their reputation and providing the highest quality of care.

The Challenge: Implement an Efficient Back-End System

It’s not uncommon for new home care agency owners to feel overwhelmed by the details required to manage client care. When starting out with a few clients and a few caregivers, the administrative tasks are manageable and aren’t too complicated.

As the business grows, however, the administrative end requires more time and expertise on tasks such as:

Caregiver Scheduling: Matching the right caregiver to each client, keeping record of a caregiver’s days off, and knowing the availability of staff is a great deal to keep track of once the client census and care staff grow.

Billing and Payroll: While providing care is at the heart of everything you do, you’re also a business owner who knows that it’s essential to record billing and payroll accurately in order to retain the most highly-qualified caregivers. Collecting time cards and billing for the correct rate are important and time-consuming details.

Establishing Processes and Procedures to Capture Important Data: With one or two staff members, it may seem unnecessary to have intake procedures established, but as client and caregiver numbers grow, implementing and streamlining the intake process is critical.

Hiring: Reviewing applications, interviewing, checking references and running background checks are important but time-consuming tasks, especially when looking to hire several caregivers at once, or when looking to hire caregivers on an ongoing basis.

The Solution: A Software System that Grows with Your Business

Rosemark understands that each home care agency is unique. That’s why we listen to you to learn about your challenges and design a customized software solution that you can use now, as a start-up, and in the future as you grow.

We work with you to identify which tools will help you increase efficiencies and streamline the administrative end of your business, and we provide industry-leading training and customer support to ensure you’re getting the most out of your partnership with Rosemark.

Let us help with:

Caregiver Management: Our powerful yet practical cloud-based software system helps identify ideal client/caregiver matches based upon skill sets, availability and authorization. With our innovative color-coded calendars, easily set up daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly caregiver scheduling patterns.

Customized Payroll Reports: Increase accuracy through electronic time sheets, EVV, and real time shift details with our easy-to-use caregiver mobile app. Electronic records streamline payroll processing, giving agencies the ability to track multiple pay rates, overtime pay, travel time pay, mileage, and reimbursable expenses.

Building (and Growing) Your Business: Our dynamic marketing tools help home care agencies seize growth opportunities by organizing call activity in a variety of categories, including client, caregiver, salesperson and referrer. Additionally, Rosemark can help you plan and measure sales and marketing efforts, including business introductions, lead generation, and outreach activities – all while tracking revenue and maximizing operational efficiencies.

Recruitment Tools: Provide prospective hires with an easy-to-use online job application, allowing you to monitor submissions and screen qualified candidates. With our home care management tools, it’s easy to schedule interviews and track hiring processes.

The Future: A Reliable Partner for Strategic Growth

By partnering with Rosemark from the start, customers like Debbie of Visiting Angels are able to focus more of their time and energy during the start-up phase on building a client base and delivering exceptional care, rather than getting bogged down in the administrative details.

As an industry leader who understands the intricacies needed to efficiently run a home care business, customers can feel confident that the Rosemark system is not only reliable, but also responsive to the current needs and growing pains of both start-ups and established home care agencies.

Working together, we do everything we can to ensure the success of our customers.

Partner with Rosemark Today

As the first company to design operational software for non-medical home care agencies, Rosemark continues to lead the way when it comes to innovative, cutting-edge tools that build efficiency.

The Rosemark system is flexible enough to adapt to any size business, and customers only pay for what they need.

As your partner in care, we help you effortlessly manage the administrative end of your business so that you can focus on what matters most: providing exceptional home care services.

Give us a call today at (734) 662-3537 to set up a free demo and learn more about our dynamic cloud-based software.

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