Customer JourneyMoving to a Cloud-Based System

Flyover photo of Linda McMullen's home after a flood“As many of our staff work remotely, we have relied on a reliable cloud-based software system since we started. When a key operations staffer’s home flooded, everyone in our company truly appreciated the value of both cloud-based systems and Rosemark!

Thanks to Rosemark’s easy-to-use scheduling system, we continued supporting our caregivers and clients in our communities. It was a win-win for everyone – we didn’t face any downtime. Our clients did not have a service interruption, and we had no payroll or invoicing delays.

We are so grateful to partner with a reputable business like Rosemark. Rosemark Support provides needed reassurance during good times and a time of crisis. They are responsive and quick to turn around solutions for any issues we face, even when we are underwater!”

Linda McMullen

Director of Operations at TLC Muskoka Home Health Care and Nursing Shift Relief Agency

While not every home care business will face a natural disaster like TLC Muskoka did, every home care agency faces the potential of being in a situation where it’s critical to access data in a timely manner.

Rosemark is a cloud-based software system that is accessible from nearly any device and quickly provides access for care staff and office staff to ensure client care is being delivered in accordance with the plan of care, and without interruption. With a cloud-based system, your agency’s data is securely housed and encrypted on our servers, meaning you’ll have access to your data regardless of power outage, computer failure, or natural disaster.

The Challenge: Outdated Systems

If your home care agency is using paper records or a computer-based system that is not cloud-based, there is a risk for data loss.

Losing data means losing access to the information that helps your business function, which can ultimately impact not only your bottom line, but your reputation as well.

Relying on outdated office management systems decreases efficiency and can create challenges such as:

Inefficiency: Sorting through paper reports, holding your breath that the scheduling software boots up properly, and lack of office staff training on how to use current office systems leads to a risk of data loss and the potential for inaccuracy.

Antiquated Systems: The inability to access data from any location decreases efficiencies and reduces the effectiveness of care staff.

Inconsistency: With a growing business there are more care staff and more clients to coordinate. Using an old or antiquated method to schedule staff and to pair qualified staff with client needs can lead to poor client care and lower caregiver retention.

Ineffective Management: Nothing is more important than caregivers arriving on time to provide client care. With a large staff to manage, it’s critical to access real-time, GPS-monitored information related to shifts.

The Solution: Powerful, User-Friendly Software

While we are a technology company committed to delivering a powerful, easy-to-use software system, people are at the heart of everything we do.

Since 2002, our goal has been to increase efficiencies on the back end of your business, so that you can devote more time to caring for more people. The Rosemark system helps home care providers take command of client care, stay informed of developments in the field, and respond to urgent situations — all in real time from virtually any device.

Let us help you with:

Flexible Scheduling Tools: Set up daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly scheduling patterns, with color-coded calendars to ensure you’re matching the right caregiver with each client. Receive up-to-the-minute caregiver location via GPS as well as real-time shift details, task completion reports, leave-early alerts, and automated no-show alerts with either EVV or telephony.

Increased Communication: Send and respond to shift offers for individual caregivers or qualified caregiver groups. Empower caregivers with the ability to review schedules, see tasks in advance, view client care notes, accept or refuse shift offers, and record completed tasks.

Leading-Edge Technology: Streamlined, cloud-based agency management software protects and encrypts data to increase efficiencies and provide powerful outcomes reports to elevate care. Coupled with our next-level customer service which includes one-on-one, 24/7 technical support, our team is invested in your success.

Greater Efficiency: Grow your business by harnessing detailed strategic business numbers, including new client inquires, lead-to-close rates, margins by client, and full-time equivalency (FTE) statistics. Rosemark also helps you stay compliant with multiple state regulations and payor contracts.

The Future: Efficient Systems for More Effective Client Care

By partnering with an industry leader like Rosemark, customers like TLC Muskoka can feel confident that their home care agency data is always safe, secure and accessible.

This peace of mind, coupled with the powerful tools Rosemark offers to meet individualized business goals and objectives, helps our customers deliver consistent, effective care in every situation.

Partner with Rosemark Today

To learn more about our user-friendly, cloud-based software and the ways in which we can help you streamline scheduling, while maintaining the safety of client and caregiver data, reach out to us today at (734) 662-3537 to schedule a free demo.

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