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“When we opened our home care business, we looked at a few software companies, but because we were new to the home care industry, it seemed as if all the options were fairly similar. The software we chose was a pretty substantial investment for us, and the sales rep promised it would deliver exactly what we needed.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. When we called customer support, we were often rerouted to multiple people, and it would sometimes take days to get a resolution, and even then, it wasn’t always to our satisfaction. Running reports was a challenge and sometimes more complicated than our old spreadsheet system. We didn’t always get the sense that our software partner really understood the home care business.

Rosemark was different from the start. From our first interaction with them, they were personable and they really listened to the struggles we were having, wanting to understand how we hoped to use our software system. We were assigned a dedicated customer service rep who really understood both home care and the software system. They provided our team with comprehensive training to begin using the system from the beginning with no real downtime. The data transfer was easy and we are now able to simply run robust reports that not only help us plot targeted growth for our business, but streamline payroll and client and caregiver management.

We are so glad we made the change to partner with Rosemark.”

Heather Anderson

Client Care Coordinator at Visiting Angels of Elkhart County

Change can be hard. But change can also open up new opportunities. That’s just what Heather Anderson found out when she decided to switch to Rosemark from a competitor’s home care software.

While the task can seem overwhelming, a dedicated customer service rep will be with you each step of the way, making the process seamless so that you can feel confident that data won’t be lost and that business will not be impacted due to downtime. We know that the right software is the silent workhorse that helps make all aspects of a home care company run smoothly, allowing you to focus on clients and their care.

The Challenge: Impersonal Customer Care and Cumbersome Software

The software system you choose should work to move your business forward, not make business more difficult. Rosemark is an intuitive and comprehensive system that is customized to meet your business needs now, and as you grow in the future.

Our award-winning customer care team can help you overcome the challenges you face with your current software system such as:

Inefficiency: Cumbersome reporting tools and a confusing interface make it difficult to pull the data necessary to monitor benchmarks and efficiencies.

Unresponsiveness: Software downtime means a loss of access to important client and caregiver data, as well as the potential loss of data. A lack of clear communication from the company means frustration for agency staff members.

Underperformance: Insufficient training and onboarding at start-up leads to reports that are inaccurate and an inability to access key data, ultimately slowing down or stalling backend operations altogether.

Lack of Customer Care: With a poorly defined customer support team and an inconsistent message over how and where to access help, it’s challenging to know where to turn when an issue arises with the system and for anyone to take ownership and provide resolution.

The Solution: Efficiency and Responsiveness

Designed and built by tech pioneers with decades of experience in healthcare logistics, Rosemark was the first software designed exclusively for non-medical home care companies. Each member of the Rosemark team is committed to helping our customers achieve the highest levels of profitability, efficiency and client care outcomes.

Rosemark is designed with these goals in mind:

Hands-On Partners: We recognize that each home care business is unique, and we work diligently to help each of our customers maximize their capacity for growth. We help ensure successful integrations with other business systems, and provide operational support and strategic consultation to help agencies stay ahead of industry challenges.

Next Level Customer Service: Our onboarding process is designed to seamlessly integrate our software with your business operations while providing you with dedicated support each step of the way. And our legendary customer service doesn’t stop there. With a designated customer service rep who in invested in the success of your business, we’re always just a phone call away, ensuring you’re always getting the most out of the Rosemark system.

Value-Driven: We are the most cost-effective, robust, and reliable software option available. Our tools amplify your team’s abilities so that you can scale your business while continuing to provide exceptional care and improved client outcomes.

Secure Data and Robust Reporting: The integrity and safety of your data are fundamental priorities, and we offer secure servers, data encryption and routine backups. Additionally, the Rosemark system offers robust reporting tools to harness critical information and monitor key performance indicators from both granular and broad-spectrum views.

The Future: Customized Solutions to Propel Growth

At Rosemark, we believe that technology should not get in the way of operations, but should instead make the way clearer so that home care providers can serve more people and get more accomplished.

Like you, we believe in the future of home care; our entire team shares a deep understanding of the industry and we are continually gathering expertise, both internally and from customers who use Rosemark, to ensure we remain on the leading-edge, offering a nimble and comprehensive software solution that is ideal for any size business.

We pride ourselves on being high-touch, attentive and responsive, and as Heather Anderson found out firsthand, we always make sure we understand your goals so that we can deliver the right solutions to help you move your business forward.

Partner with Rosemark Today

Because we work with so many home care providers, we understand the needs of agencies at various evolutional phases in their business growth.

Rosemark’s tools are designed to amplify your team’s abilities so that you can scale your business while continuing to provide exceptional care and improved client outcomes.

Set up a free, no-obligation demo today by contacting us at (734) 662-3537 to learn more about Rosemark’s legendary customer service and the most customer-friendly software system in the industry.

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