Free Rosemark Sandbox Duplicate Database

We’ve been listening to you. What we have been hearing is that scheduling might be becoming more taxing due to the corona virus outbreak. It was suggested that a duplicate database can act as a sandbox that an agency could use for running hypothetical scheduling scenarios. We think this could be a good idea and might be helpful to many agencies. This is a Free Service in light of COVID-19.

It is an optional offering so you have to let us know if this would be helpful and we will turn it on for you. Going forward, you can let us know how it has helped you. Let’s put our heads together for more great uses of the sandbox database. Below are uses that customers have thought of for the sandbox idea.

  • This offer will provide you with a snapshot or sandbox of your current schedule, allowing you to try things out without messing up the actual schedule.
  • One agency finds this appealing in the scenario that a caregiver quits and there is a scramble to fine replacements. The same situation applies if you must let a caregiver go or they get sick.
  • Many use a white board to handle these situations, ditch the white board!
  • Here’s a big one: use it to train a new scheduler. Create scenarios that will not interfere with your current data,

Then let us know that you would like to have this made available to you and we will set it up – for free!

While this will not be useful to everyone, we are happy to make it available to those who would benefit from it in these difficult times. If you think this would help you we suggest a call to talk over your issues with a customer care manager.  

Two decades of experience working with home care agency owners and her dedication to her customers’ success is evident in the quality of the software the company provides. Linda spent many years teaching and now offers business coaching and guidance to our Rosemark customers and the local business community.