The Rosemark System Offers Integration Capability with the Sandata System to Help Home Care Agencies Comply with Upcoming Electronic Visit Verification Requirements

As we mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, new Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements as part of the 21st Century CURES Act are set to take effect starting on January 1, 2019. If you read that previous post, you also know that states are taking multiple approaches to comply with the new requirements. Some states are requiring that home care agencies that provide medicaid-covered services use a specific EVV provider and others are leaving the choice up to each agency.

For states that are requiring agencies to use a specific EVV provider, several have chosen to work with the company Sandata Technologies. In some instances where this is the case we’re seeing some resistance to change as people are comfortable with the processes and tools they’re already familiar with. As a result, some of these agencies have opted to use the Sandata system in conjunction with their current software program. We can see, though, that this situation will create a great deal more work for these agencies, as much of the data being processed will need to be entered multiple times. This opens an agency up to human error as data is manually entered, checked, re-entered, checked again, and then reconciled.

Two Systems, One Problem

The graphic below illustrates what it might look like for an agency to attempt to use its current homecare software in conjunction with the Sandata system without some way to integrate the two. The process of maintaining the accuracy of both sets of data will vary from agency to agency with one constant – complexity.

To help alleviate this issue for our customers that need to use the Sandata system in their state, we’re delighted to announce the Rosemark/Sandata Integration. This is a tool that allows our Rosemark System to connect with the Sandata system to save time and aggravation and to help prevent the human error that often comes with multiple points of data entry.

Simplified Sandata Integration

With the Rosemark/Sandata Integration, EVV information collected by our Rosemark System will be directly uploaded to the Sandata system. As Sandata sends this information to the appropriate state authorities, any changes made within their system will then be automatically updated in the Rosemark System. This means that as long as an agency maintains accurate data in the Rosemark System, the accuracy of that same information in Sandata won’t be in question. Our customers will be able to rest easy knowing that the Rosemark System is handling the back-and-forth inherent in this process so they can spend their time on more important matters.

If you’re a Rosemark System customer and would like to learn more about our Rosemark/Sandata Integration, contact your account manager at 734-662-3537 or If you aren’t yet using our Rosemark System and would like to know more about how we can simplify and streamline your operations, request a demo on our homepage.


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