Care Plans Offer More Visibility

Here at Shoshana Technologies, we are always striving to optimize our software for the changing needs of the home care industry. That’s why we’ve created our new Care Plan feature. With Care Plans, our Rosemark System not only makes it simple to see the level of care a client currently needs and the tasks that go with it, but it also provides a better look at how those needs and tasks have changed over time and how they may change in the future. To comply with new requirements by some states and insurance plans, we’ve also made it possible with this new feature to capture signatures from your agency and your client directly on the care plan when changes to the plan are made.

Comprehensive Task Reporting

If you’re familiar with the Rosemark System, then you know about our Skills & Tasks Configurations. Our new Care Plan feature pulls from that and builds on it by taking those skills that a caregiver must have to best serve the client and allows you to expand that into a full plan for care – including alerts regarding the client’s condition, dietary needs and restrictions, long and short term goals, and active dates for the plan itself.

With these active dates, you can plan for the client’s future. For example, if you know that a client is scheduled for a surgery that will require their caregiver to provide different services, you’ll be able to use the new Care Plan feature to look ahead with a care plan that accounts for this change and then schedule care accordingly.

Accurate Historical Data

You can also use the care plans to get a look at a client’s history of care because each change to a Care Plan creates a new plan but preserves the old. This provides a better idea of how a client’s care has evolved during their time with you and can be helpful in continuing to plan for their caregiving needs in the future. You’ll also be able to print out a snapshot of a care plan for your own records.

Plan of Care Signatures

As part of the new Care Plan feature, we’ve also created an option to include a field where signatures can be recorded for both the affected client and the caregiver or nurse carrying out the care plan or assessment. This feature was built to be compliant with various state and long term care insurance requirements that call for these signatures on care plans. However, even if your agency is not required to record these signatures by a third party, you might find that this extra step provides a layer of security and accountability that can be very valuable. Using this feature, any change to a care plan then requires a signature on the part of the agency and also the affected client. This step helps to ensure that all parties involved are aware of the changes and eliminates any chance for miscommunication.

If you’d like to learn more about our Rosemark System and the new Care Plans feature, please contact us at 734-662-3537 or

An example of a care plan in the Rosemark System home care management software