The practice of accountability as part of your home care agency culture could arguably be the most important value if acted upon with consistency and diligence. It can be the key to hiring and retaining great caregivers. The number one accountability tool available to home care agencies for this purpose is Rosemark’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).

But EVV comes in many different forms. Home care agencies should have an arsenal of EVV tools at their disposal. They should be versatile, easy to administer and provide in-time reporting tools that make accountability a priority. When you have tools that allow you to be sure that your caregivers are arriving on time and providing the correct care, it is easy to cultivate trust and responsibility within your agency.

Rosemark provides a full array of EVV choices for home care agencies because there are so many variables within your agency’s employment pool that may require different solutions for different situations. No agency should be limited to just one.

Mobile App for Caregivers

Many of your caregivers have smartphones. With the Rosemark Mobile App, you can give your caregivers the tools to properly address the needs of each individual client. You can see below the many features that are available to caregivers through the Caregiver Mobile App enable them to do their job with clear directions:

  • Mobile App (access through Google Play Store and Apple App Store)CMA EVV 2
    • Shift Details
    • Shift Offers
    • Clock-in/out
    • Clock-in/out Alerts
    • Care Plan Checklist
      • Task Recording
      • Adding additional tasks
      • Commenting on each task if necessary
    • Agency Announcements
    • Record Voice Messages
    • GPS Location services
    • Recording reimbursable mileage and misc. expenses

Our Caregiver Mobile App also offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, allowing caregivers to view their shift and any tasks associated with it before, during, and after the shift. They can mark off tasks as they’re completed (or even refused by the client) and include comments for the individual tasks. They can even capture client signatures for care plans through the app. This increases the visibility of your caregivers as they’re in the field, granting you both peace of mind and the confidence that your caregivers, the face of your business, are providing the level of care your agency strives for.


For other caregivers, using the client’s phone may be required for them to do their work. Some agencies do not like caregivers using personal phones, some caregivers do not have smartphones, or in very rare cases GPS does not work in a particular geographic area. In those cases, a client’s landline or mobile phone is the only recourse.

  • Telephony
    • Clock-in/out
    • Task recording with task codes
    • Task prompting with voice
    • Agency announcements, alerts
    • Recording reimbursable mileage and misc. expenses
    • Record Voice Messages

With telephony, your agency is given a unique phone number. Your caregivers will call this number in order to begin and end their shifts. When they call this number, they’ll also be able to receive messages and alerts sent from your agency. These messages can be both company-wide (such as a reminder for caregivers to submit availability during an upcoming holiday, or safety reminders for inclement weather), directed to a specific caregiver only (a reminder to have certain credentials renewed before they expire), or to the caregivers assigned to a specific client (medication reminders, updates on client condition).

From mobile apps that run on smartphones to telephony systems using standard phone lines, there’s no “right” method. That is, just as long as what you are using can record the service performed, the time it began, the time it ended, who received the service, who performed it, the date of the service, and the location. The Rosemark System can do that for you with all of its EVV options and the ability to mix and match for any given situation.

But tools are just useless features if you are not using them to their most efficient capabilities. What should you expect out of Rosemark beyond the EVV feature itself? Here are some essential perks you get when you become a part of the Rosemark Community:

  • Comprehensive Training aides – Rosemark provides you with needed training information and materials to get your caregivers and staff up and running and using EVV as quickly as possible.
  • Super-Duper Customer Support – for when you just can’t figure it out yourself.
  • Cost – The Rosemark System is affordable, you only pay for what EVV you actually use.
  • Ease of Use – All of the choices that Rosemark offers are easy to use and implement. If you need any help we are only a phone call away, even after hours with our on-call staff.
  • The Powerful Platform – With Rosemark’s EVV choices and the interoperability of our mobile app for smartphones, telephony system, and web app, you can expect the kind of reliability that is typical of the entire Rosemark Home Care Management System.

We would love to spend some time with you and give you more detail about EVV with the goal of helping you boost your agency’s accountability. To learn more about Rosemark’s mobile app and telephony options, please contact us at 734-662-3537 or