Georgia EVV Medicaid, Tellus

Does your home care business provide Medicaid-funded personal care services in Georgia? If so, do you have an EVV provider in place to comply with new state and federal requirements?

Georgia EVV Requirements in Effect July 1, 2021

Georgia’s Department of Community Health (DCH) has announced it is moving forward with efforts to implement the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) measures required by the 21st Century CURES Act. DCH has selected Tellus to be the state’s EVV vendor. Starting July 1 of this year, Georgia providers of Medicaid-eligible personal care services will be required to send EVV data to Tellus as part of the Medicaid reimbursement process.   

Georgia Medicaid Programs Requiring EVV

Medicaid-funded personal care services for the following waiver programs are now subject to the new EVV requirements:

  • Service Options Using Resources in a Community Environment (SOURCE)
  • Community Care Services Program (CCSP)
  • New Options Waiver (NOW)
  • Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program (COMP)
  • Independent Care Waiver Program (ICWP)
  • Georgia Pediatric Program (GAPP)

Learn More About Rosemark EVV Options for Georgia Home Care

If your business is still in need of a provider, our Rosemark System EVV tools meet all applicable requirements and will provide seamless integration with Tellus in Georgia. Your business can comply with the new regulations while continuing to provide quality care with no interruption to Medicaid reimbursements.  

(Structured Family Caregiving Program (SFC) with Health Force of Georgia requires software but not EVV at this time.)

To learn more about the Rosemark System and our EVV solutions for Georgia Medicaid billing agencies, Click here and let us help keep your business compliant with the new requirements.