Not Receiving the Training and Support Your Home Care Business Needs from Your Software Provider? Check out the Training and Customer Care We Provide with the Rosemark System

After serving the home care industry for nearly 30 years, we have heard a variety of reasons why various home care agencies decided to make the switch to our Rosemark System but there are a few frustrations that seem most common. Many of our customers have said that prior to working with us they often encountered the following problems:

  • They could never speak with a real person when they called their software provider for help or guidance;
  • They needed assistance in training new employees on their system;
  • They had trouble navigating a difficult-to-understand User’s Guide
  • They weren’t getting all of the features and services they needed from their old software system

At  Rosemark, we treat all of our users as partners. This partnership means that we make a commitment to help build our partners from the day they begin using Rosemark. You will be introduced to your Customer Success Manager – someone who not only knows all the ins and outs of the Rosemark System but someone who is also invested in the success of your agency. They’ll spend time learning about you, your processes, your home care agency, and your needs. No matter your agency’s size, how long you’ve been in business, or where you’re located, your account manager will work to understand how you got there and where you’re going.

Before you even become our customer, our sales representatives want to make sure you and your staff have an understanding of the system. With the buy-in from the rest of your office, the transition to the Rosemark System will be that much easier.

A Difference on Day One with the Rosemark System

You’ll be introduced to your Customer Success Manager by the sales representative you’ve already been in contact with. And before this introduction ever occurs, your sales rep will have been sharing what they have learned about your home care business during our discovery process with your new Customer Success Manager. In fact, your Customer Success Manager is specifically chosen for you based on key characteristics of your business because we want to ensure that this person is best suited to work with your agency. It will be someone who has experience working with partners of your size and who has worked with other customers facing similar issues in their day-to-day operations. That way you can be confident that you won’t just be getting support and care when you need it, it will be from a perspective that’s tailored to your agency.

During your introduction, your Customer Success Manager will review your agency’s process and needs, ensuring your concerns are heard and understood. From here, they’ll lay out our training process, including what will be essential to cover, and who in your organization will need it.

Training with the Rosemark System

Training on the Rosemark System is included in your subscription and typically takes place over the course of four modules conducted one-on-one using a screen connection to give us a view of your computer screen. This way, your Customer Success Manager can personalize your training sessions based on your needs and let you take control from time to time. We offer this service not just to owners but to other office staff as well. With the great variety of roles and job duties there are in every agency, we can customize our training to cover all the system has to offer or limit it to just certain job responsibilities.

While it is imperative that your staff has a full understanding of the system, we know there are limits. So while it may be preferable to have one-on-one sessions, we can also offer group training sessions for larger staff sizes. Additionally, you can request on-site training and invite your account manager to your agency to work with staff directly*.

An Ongoing Partnership

Your partnership with Rosemark doesn’t end with training. Once you’re up and running with the Rosemark System, we’ll be checking in with you regularly. Our customer care team wants to make sure you’re getting the most out of Rosemark, whether that means alerting you to unused or underused features or taking feature requests. And as your agency grows, they’ll be available for further training with new staff, ensuring that there will never be a gap in your staff’s knowledge of the system.

For more information on the Rosemark System and the training we offer, get in touch with us by requesting a consultation. Just want to learn a little more about us on your own time? Check out the many reasons our customers choose to work with us.

*On-site training varies on price and availability. Speak with a Rosemark representative for more details and pricing.