What’s Happening with Georgia Medicaid and EVV

Georgia Medicaid states that if you receive funding through CCSP, Source, NOW, ICWP or GAPP you could be affected by the EVV the 21st Century Cures Act mandate. Georgia has not yet implemented a state wide system for being compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act, so each agency is able to be compliant on their own by using a EVV (electronic visit verification) system. 

See more info here. “Good Faith Effort Exemption (GFE) Request – The Cures Act includes a provision that allows states to delay implementation of EVV for up to one year if they can demonstrate they have made a good faith effort to comply with EVV requirements and have encountered unavoidable delays. DCH submitted a GFE Request Form on behalf of the State of Georgia and CMS has granted approval! The GFE approval extends the final deadline for implementing EVV for Personal Care Services to January 1, 2021, and Home Health Services by January 1, 2023.”

Georgia plans to choose a state-sponsored vendor but has not yet been named. Providers can continue using third-party vendors such as Rosemark as long as they integrate with the state system in some way.  Georgia Medicaid has provided an EVV overview.

Georgia Medicaid, 837p and Rosemark’s EVV System

Don’t wait! With Rosemark’s fully integrated EVV, an 837p data file is generated that can be uploaded directly into the Georgia Medicaid portal saving time on the front end, taking your billing time from days down to an hour or two. Upload to the Medicaid portal and get paid in a rather quick turn around time, usually a week or so. Get compliant and get efficient!

Real Customer Testimonial on EVV Integration in Georgia

Primecare Home Care Services is a Veteran’s owned business with several branches in Atlanta and surrounding counties uses Rosemark EVV to be compliant with the state Medicaid system and to have more visibility in the field. They use Rosemark to coordinate scheduling, billing and payroll as well. Paris, who supervises care services, said, “I previously used other systems and I like Rosemark better: the scheduling is better, and being able to know where your caregivers are located being able to communicate better in the field.”


Jermonica is a billing specialist at Primecare Home Care Services, her forte is doing billing through the Rosemark EVV system. I asked Jermonica, “how much time does it save?” She said, “a lot, it takes out at least an hour or two a day.  It takes less than an hour to batch bill.” They also save a day or two on the Source reports. “I go in and press a button and it shows shifts that are already verified and the shifts that the client has canceled, knowing both of these pieces of information is a good thing. So we have very little paperwork to sift through to see what is verified complete or not.”


Melanie Flournoy is the Director of Finance at Primecare said, “We have data specialists that look at any extra paperwork. We are going to tighten that up (with Rosemark) even more at the beginning of the year because of the 21st Century Cures Act requiring EVV will be in full effect. Our caregivers will have to comply.”


Jermonica tells the Rosemark staff, “I think you all are doing a good job keeping the system updated and working.”


Melanie said, “You have a good team. We appreciate the constant work to help us keep things working. You really stick with us to help figure out problems and issues on the billing side.”

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Linda has been working with home care agencies for 17 years. Her dedication to her customers’ success is evident in the quality of the software the company provides. Linda spent many years teaching and now offers business coaching and guidance to our Rosemark customers and the local business community.

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