The Rosemark Caregiver App complements our business management software for home care agencies by providing enhanced caregiver management. It rounds out your agency’s need for visibility and accountability. Rosemark EVV in the Caregiver App is compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act.

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GPS location abilities: Use in homes and facilities.

The Rosemark caregiver app provides a full-featured, easy-to-use channel of communication between our customers’ home care agencies and their caregivers in the field. At the Rosemark System, our goal has always been to make our customers’ lives easier by providing tools that streamline, automate and optimize their business management efforts, and the launch of our Rosemark Caregiver App is just the latest example of these efforts. 

With this app, communication between our customers’ home care agencies and their caregivers can be accomplished using just this one easy-to-use app instead of multiple tools, and communication will be more streamlined and efficient – resulting in the savings of time, cost, and effort. 

Require You Caregivers to Attest to Their Health Status

The Rosemark Caregiver App provides a variety of features and capabilities including:

COVID-19 Health Screening Questions:

With alerts, you and your office staff will be notified ahead of time if a caregiver is at risk or ill. 

Shift Details:

Caregivers can view their scheduled shifts and details about those shifts – including client address/phone number and client condition.

Shift Offers:

Caregivers can view shift offers from the home office and will be able to accept or refuse those offers.


Clock-in/clock-out capability with GPS-enabled location verification.

Clock-in/out Alerts:

Alerts to notify caregivers of late or missed clock-in/clock-out activity for scheduled shifts. Get accepted and refused shift notifications.


Task Recording and Reporting

Task Checklist:

Caregivers will be able to fill out and sign a client’s task checklist based on a care plan at the completion of a shift, The client can provide their signature on the checklist as verification as well.

Agency Announcements:

Caregivers may view announcements, reminders, and other communication from agency office staff.

Voice Messaging:

Caregivers may leave voice messages for their agency office staff regarding things like client care, work schedules, and other pertinent issues.

Reach out to our team today to learn how we can help improve your home care agency with our caregiver payroll system and management software, including our full-featured caregiver app.