Learn More About Cyber Risk & Liability in Home Care

Recently, we here at Rosemark had the pleasure of hosting Socius Insurance Senior Vice President Ryan Apgar for a webinar on Cyber Risk & Liability in home care. While our customers can rest assured that the data stored on the Rosemark system is secured with 256-bit encryption, Ryan took the time to walk us through the gaps in security that many agency owners may not know exist. He also walked us through what a breach through one of these vulnerabilities may cost you, some figures that are certainly worth knowing.

But Ryan wasn’t here to just scare us. He laid out steps that any agency can take to minimize their cyber risks. These span from a simple assessments of your agency’s legal agreements to what to talk about with a Risk Management specialist. Through this exhaustively researched webinar, we believe an agency of any size can start taking their first steps in creating a cyber security plan and become confident in their contingencies if the need ever arise. Click below to view the webinar and learn more about this ever growing issue and how best to manage it or go to their websites to see how Socius Insurance and The Heffernan Group can protect your agency.

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