The Importance of Solid Software – The Choice is Clear

Features are important, we all know that. Imagine that you have a last minute schedule change and you need to send out a shift offer to several caregivers. Maybe you want to get out a broadcast message to all of your caregivers because there is a weather alert or you just need to receive no show warnings in real time so your clients are being cared for as you have agreed.

Need it Now

Shift offers, broadcast messages and no show warnings are great features but what if your software breaks often and you just don’t know if you can count on it. You should just be able to expect that you are going to have these feature available to you when you need them. It can be very unnerving when you get unexpected interruptions in your service on a regular basis. Home care is a very time sensitive industry and you need to count on your business critical software at all times.

First Build a Solid Foundation

There are many ways of building software but to create a truly SOLID software program it comes down to three things: the architecture of the software, practices of the software developers and the culture of the company. Believe it or not it is possible to build software, that when in use by large or small agencies, one can expect little or no downtime in your agency’s day to day operations. This is the case because the underlying foundation and practices are in place to prevent breakage to happen. Solidity of the software is paramount to features working when you need them.

No Surprises

New features and better ways of doing things should be expected when you pay a monthly fee and may even have to sign a longterm contract for you home care software. You should expect that when those new features and updates occur that your software is going

to continue to work. In most software programs out in the world it is unwritten but expected that there will be breakdowns, in home care this should be unacceptable.

Here’s How We Do It

Click here if you would like to read this short white paper that goes into a little more detail about why and how the Rosemark System (Home Care Software and Support) makes great, reliable software, then, let us show you how it works and how our company works for you.

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