Happy Thanksgiving from Shoshana Technologies

Thanksgiving is tomorrow!  Shoshana Technologies has a lot to be thankful for this year.  We have hired new staff, most of whom are now full time.  We have continued to grow our Rosemark Scheduling System clientele, as well as begin the process of redeveloping our local IT support company, TechA2.

The Rosemark System has been growing by leaps and bounds over this past year.  We have been able to move much faster this year with development thanks to the hard work of Nate and Bill.  Sales and marketing is running smoother thanks to Linda, Kevin and Katy.  The support team, talking to clients, and building the training tools couldn’t be done with out Chuck and Jon and TechA2 wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for Jeff.  All this is being overseen and nudged along by Tom, who has his finger on the pulse of all of these departments.

There is so much to be thankful for! To name a few:


  • We are grateful for the new dartboard put up in the break room.  
  • We are grateful for the constant coffee and tea supply.  
  • We are grateful to work everyday with such a great group of people who share the vision of making people’s lives more meaningful.  

And we are SO grateful for our customers, who are on the front lines of caring for their communities.  Their hard work makes it possible for us to fulfill our desire to help in the wonderful field of Home Care.

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