For home care agencies trying to discover more information about Sandata, the aggregator for electronic visit verification (EVV) in many states, we’re here to help.

At Rosemark, we work with many state aggregators across the United States, and based on our experience, not all aggregators are the same. They don’t all offer the same level of support and service for agencies or provide resources for agencies when they have questions.

Caregiver for a home care agency using the Rosemark Caregiver App, which integrates with Sandata
Rosemarrk integrates with Sandata in many states that require Sandata as an aggregator for their Medicaid EVV.

For states that use an aggregator to manage EVV data, it can be challenging:

  • Getting general or specific information
  • Finding answers to questions
  • Receiving updates about proposed timelines
  • Getting someone to respond to an email or answer a phone call

If Sandata is your aggregator, you’re actually in pretty good hands. The company culture has recently changed to one that values partnerships, communication, and responsive support.

While we work with many aggregators, Sandata has become the easiest aggregator with which to work.

New EVV Self-Registration Portal

One of the newest and most noteworthy tools offered by Sandata is their EVV Self-Registration Portal. This portal is extremely useful for agencies who prefer to keep their third-party home care software vendor, such as Rosemark.

If you’re a new agency and Sandata is your state aggregator, we highly recommend getting set up on the portal as it provides a wealth of information, instructions, and helpful documentation.

For Rosemark customers, using Sandata’s portal for support requests regarding EVV issues keeps the Rosemark team in the loop consistently, making it much easier to diagnose problems and work with them for a quick resolution.

Using the portal will help alleviate frustrations the agency might feel from being the middleman between their software partner and their state aggregator when data doesn’t appear as expected.

Understand What Sandata Does Not Do

If you think your agency can use Sandata for everything, unfortunately, that’s not the case. The aggregator doesn’t handle Medicaid billing. Your billing will continue to go through the Medicaid portal you used prior to Sandata. Your claims still get processed the same way they did previously.

Sandata simply focuses on EVV management and making sure the correct data per state is sent to the proper place. Essentially, they act as a giant warehouse that stores all of your EVV data.

Sandata will tell your agency what information needs to be sent to the state, and it will store that information for you, then send it to the state at the proper time. This information and how much data your agency is responsible for gathering and submitting varies by state.

It’s Sandata’s responsibility to answer to the state. Rosemark, on the other hand, works for our agencies. We work with Sandata to make sure everything is running smoothly in the background so you don’t have to do extra tasks.

A Look by State

Below is a list of information for the states with which we currently have a Sandata integration as well as some information about what is required for each state. Any states listed as “Standard Sandata” have limited state-specific changes from the 21st Century Cures Act requirements.


Standard Sandata but with more exceptions (things to potentially be corrected or acknowledged) than other states.



  • Must use Sandata EVV. Rosemark pulls the Sandata EVV data into our system.


  • Standard Sandata.
  • ADL’s (Tasks) not required.
  • EVV manual edit compliance percentage is currently 10%.
  • Timely filing requirements is 365 days from the DOS
  • Billing is completed via the State of DE Provider Portal (I think this is what people use but not 100% sure)


  • Standard Sandata.
  • Timely filing requirements is 365 days from the DOS



  • Standard Sandata.
  • ADL’s (Tasks) not required.
  • Timely filing requirements is 365 days from the DOS


  • Tasks required.
  • Most agencies have Multiple Medicaid provider IDs based on type of care provided
  • Billing is completed via the eMOMED Portal
  • Timely filing requirements is 365 days from the DOS


  • Tasks optional.
  • EVV manual edit compliance is scheduled to be reduced to 15% by 2025.
  • Claims are billed via the PROMISe Portal
  • Timely filing requirements is 180 days from the DOS

Rhode Island

  • Must use Sandata EVV. Rosemark pulls the Sandata EVV data into our system.


  • Standard Sandata.
  • ADL’s (Tasks) not required.

Most states now require Telephony be made from client LANDLINE only. VOIP is often not sufficient, so agencies need to communicate this to their caregivers and verify the type of phone used in client homes.

For more information on how Rosemark can help your home care agency with EVV, operational management, improving workflows, and scheduling your caregivers, reach out to our team today.