A Mini-History Lesson

Long ago, almost in caveman times, there was a contraption known as a typewriter. The people using these typewriters got so good at typing that they could type faster than the action of the keys could handle. The designers then had to make the qwerty keyboard layout that we all know today in order to slow down the typists. This prevented the keys from getting all tangled. They even patented the qwerty keyboard that is still used almost universally. Today, we are stuck with that old limitation. Even though there are other keyboard options such as Dvorak which, once learned, can make typing much faster and healthier. Most of us are stuck with the old way of doing things.

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Click-N-Wait Can Be Compared to That Outdated Process

In Home Care, where business-critical home care software is used to manage client care. Most of us are still using qwerty but you don’t have to be stuck with the click-n-wait syndrome. Many don’t know that your work can be done another way. They don’t know that there isn’t a need for so much waiting around and that click-n-wait is out-moded. The click-n-wait syndrome can deal your agency’s productivity a “death by a thousand pauses”. There is technology out there to solve this problem.

Hybrid Cloud Technology

Having said all of that, having access to your data through the browser is a must in today’s world. Wouldn’t it be great if someone built an integrated system so that you could get the best of both worlds? With Rosemark’s Hybrid Cloud Technology, you can!

Rosemark is built from the ground up to be fast and robust. It takes advantage of both of the great processes of data management, desktop, and mobile accessibility, and makes them available to you. Shouldn’t the system you use maximize the capabilities of a desktop computer as well as mobile access and all on the cloud? The answer is yes. Here’s why.

Fluid Accessibility and the Ability to Choose What is Best for You

Home care software created for desktops promotes a more fluid experience, in contrast to the casual slowness of browser page loads. Rosemark provides the accessibility of an online application, but with the speed of a desktop application. Rosemark lets you access both ways of doing things and has rapidly become one of the top smartphone apps for caregivers.

It is very important to use fast, reliable software to ensure your clients receive the care they deserve. Shoshana Technologies uses hybrid cloud technologies in its Rosemark System which not only provides you with the freedom and mobility of browser applications but the speed and reliability of desktop apps. This allows you to run your agency and manage care at the speed of business, not the speed of your internet connection. That responsiveness could be the difference between keeping a client and losing business.  Looking for a software and a robust smartphone app for caregivers? Let Rosemark home care software provide you with the whole package; speed with reliability, workflow with efficiency and accurate financials to insure maximum cash flow.

Reach out to Rosemark today at 734-436-2631 to request a no-obligation demo of our top-rated home care software.