As hard as it is to believe, another summer is over and fall is upon us again. For many people this time of year means ‘back to school.’ In the home care industry that has us thinking about caregiver training and education, and the various certifications you may require your caregivers to have – such as training on HIPAA regulations or CPR. It is important to automate your caregiver credentials processes with caregiver management software.

While certain training activities and certifications are essential for your caregivers and the credibility of your home care business, managing who is up to date on their credentials and who might be up for renewals can be a daunting and tedious task, especially if you have a large caregiver staff. Fortunately, the Rosemark System makes it easy to manage, organize, and be alerted to your caregivers’ expiring credentials when needed.

Caregiver Management Software with Customized Credentials Lists

Caregiver Management Software Credential management in the Rosemark System – caregiver management software is fully customizable, so you track only the certifications, trainings, and other items that are important to you. Simply add a credential to the ‘Credentials’ window in the configuration menu to create you list.

Dedicated Tab on Caregiver Files

Each caregiver file in the Rosemark System has a dedicated tab for managing that specific caregiver’s credentials. Selecting the tab will present the credentials list with date fields to record the last time a credential was received or renewed, as well as the date it is set to expire.

Caregiver Management Software

Dates & Actions in Caregiver Management Software – The Rosemark System

Once new dates are entered into the system, a new ‘action’ will automatically be created. Within the ‘Actions’ section you can create relevant notes about the credential that is tied to the expiration date. Once an action has been created, there will be a record in the system related to that expiring credential.

Caregiver Management Software


After a ‘credentials’ action is created in the Rosemark System – caregiver management software, an alert will appear in the ‘pending actions’ section of your agency dashboard as the expiration date draws near. This will notify your office staff that a credential will be expiring soon and will help to ensure that your caregivers’ certifications and trainings will not lapse.

Caregiver Management Software

Credentials Management Made Easy with Caregiver Management Software – The Rosemark System

As you can see, managing and monitoring your caregivers’ certifications, trainings, and other necessary credentials is made quite simple in the Rosemark System. We know there are many challenging aspects to managing your home care agency, but this doesn’t need to be one of them.

Do you need more information about this feature, or want to explore other ways the Rosemark System makes managing your home care agency more simplified and streamlined? Contact us today at (734) 662-3537.

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