One of the break-out sessions I attended during the 2015 Decision Health Conference in Las Vegas, NV focused on how to retain great caregivers through a Caregiver Incentive Program. The speaker talked about creating an atmosphere of respect and a feeling of family. She touched on the participation of office staff and owners in making this a reality. The biggest takeaway was obvious: reward your caregivers for doing great work.

Start Small

A caregiver incentive program can sound intimidating. How can you possibly find the time and energy to put something together? It’s important to remember that a caregiver incentive program doesn’t have to be a large sweeping process full of manual record keeping. It can be something as simple as slipping a candy bar into the paychecks of your caregivers, giving a gas card to those caregivers who received compliments from clients, or referring new clients. Any little thing that you want to encourage among your employees can be part of the program.

Everyone Likes to Feel That They are Part of a Group

High turnover among caregivers can happen when they feel like they are just ‘part of the machine’ at an agency. It can be hard for anyone to be motivated at work if they feel undervalued.

It’s the Little Things That Count

Each agency can find a way to work the idea of a Caregiver Incentive Program into their processes. Some opt for a points-based system. Each ‘good’ thing a caregiver does earns them a set amount of points (Cover a last-minute shift 2pts, Turn all paperwork in on time 1pt, No tardies for the month 2pts) Once the caregiver receives a certain number of points they receive a reward. These can range from special announcements about their achievements to a gift card to a little bonus in their paychecks.

Respect and Reward

What it boils down to is this: respect and reward your caregivers. Show them you value their work and appreciate the small things they do you make your business successful.

If you have questions about how to start a caregiver incentive program or other strategic questions, set up a strategic conversation with your Rosemark partners today.