Shoshana Technologies has just launched a partnership with PayRight Health Solutions to offer Rosemark System customers with services that make working with long-term care insurance and Veterans Affairs benefits a great deal easier and more streamlined.

PayRight Health Solutions can offer Rosemark System customers two main services:

  • Claims Process Management – PayRight Health Solutions’ team of experts can take over the complete execution of the claims process for your agency – from creating a claim and submitting it through the appropriate channels, to following up and monitoring any issues that may arise along the way, to staying abreast of the most recent changes to the claims process put forth by insurance companies and Veterans Affairs.
  • Cash Advance – PayRight Health Solutions can provide a cash advance to your home care agency when needed to bridge the gap between the submission of a claim and the receipt of reimbursement for services.

To learn more about this new service, we invite you to attend a webinar on Wednesday, August 15th, hosted by Linda Teaman, CEO, and Sam Wheeler, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, of PayRight Health Solutions.