Shoshana Technologies is proud to announce a partnership with! primary mission is to drive tax credits to you, the agency owner. It also has a secondary mission – driving well qualified caregivers to you through their online job board. This article with focus on the tax credit portion of their offerings. 

A little backstory: The federal government’s WOTC Program (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) was on hiatus nearly all of 2015. It was renewed in late December for another 5 years (through 2019). You can read more details about the ruling in this article

The Department of Labor recently announced Transition Relief.  What this means for home care agency owners is that they are able to apply for tax credits back to the beginning of 2015.  Eligible employee tax credits range in value from $1200 to $9600 – EACH.  

Can you do this yourself?

The short answer is yes and many employers do. But the process is tedious and needs to be done in a timely manner for it to be considered. You must then wait for certifications, usually 30 days or more to receive. Also, it’s often an obstacle for the employees to understand the verbiage in the 8850 government prescreening form. You can imagine what the overhead costs are for this process. What does is streamline the process, reduce overhead and get you all the credits to which you are entitled.  

Over a Decade of Experience

Dean Rehfeld, CEO of has been in the tax credit space for 13 years helping businesses, especially home care agencies.

bestcarejobs have figured out how to streamline the process of getting tax credits for eligible employees and essentially taking the labor costs out of the picture for you.  

Streamlined Efficiency

At Shoshana Technologies, we love streamlined efficiency! makes it easy for  management, easy for job applicants and with the help of the Rosemark System’s data it’s easy to get the information into the website for the full integrative process. 

There many state programs that covers as well. So they are really on it, getting those tax credits for you. The only cost to you is that gets 20% of the tax credits only if the tax credits are certified, calculated and delivered. We see this as an amazing value for you the agency owner.

We are super excited for this partnership with They would like to present you with a special offer: as a Rosemark System customer for a 90 obligation free access to

Find out more?

Get a free demo with my or check out Robin’s webinar with Dean Rehfeld of to get the whole picture. And please call us if you have any questions or concerns that you would like to share with us. 734-662-3537 

Linda has been working with home care agencies for 17 years. Her dedication to her customers’ success is evident in the quality of the software the company provides. Linda spent many years teaching and now offers business coaching and guidance to our Rosemark customers and the local business community.