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Easy to implement, easy to use real time shift management
Telephony & GPS: A Dynamic Duo

Rosemark Telephony is a fully integrated cloud-based solution to paper time-sheets. It automatically verifies shifts as completed, leading you directly and accurately through the billing and payroll process. With no show warnings that alert you to problems the moment they occur gives you the peace of mind that your clients are getting the best attention and care.

Blog: Top 3 Benefits of Rosemark Telephony

The telephony that Rosemark provides gives you the comfort you need knowing that important pieces won't fall through the cracks, that your concerns are covered thoroughly in these great software tools. 

  • Automatically confirms shifts as complete 
  • Email and text no show alerts
  • GPS login capabilities
  • Task recording and reporting
  • Individualized messaging to and from caregivers

Click here to watch an intro video to our great telephony feature!