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Run your Michigan home care agency's day-to-day operations and better manage workflows, scheduling, and EVV with our trusted Home Care Software Solution.

Rosemark provides everything your agency needs, from Michigan EVV options to features that manage caregiver scheduling, billing and payroll, care plans, communications, and more.

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“As an agency owner and as a registered nurse who uses the app, I love the improvements in the new Rosemark App. It is much easier to read, navigate, and document tasks in the app. I am so happy to not need to constantly be printing paper care plans since the app gives my employees all the information they need to do their job.”

More About Rosemark

Rosemark is designed to help non-medical home care agencies provide services to Private Pay, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration (VA), Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi), and Worker's Comp clients.

Why Your Home Care Agency Should Implement Michigan's New EVV Regulations Now

Transitioning to EVV takes time, so Michigan home care agencies need to move forward with the process sooner rather than later. Even though the official integration date with HHAeXchange is not until September 1, agencies need to learn how to use the software prior to the launch date.

Rather than wait until the last minute for administrative staff and caregivers to learn a whole new system in a few days or weeks, we recommend learning your new home care software now. This will help ensure a smooth transition, cause less frustration, and allow agencies to be reimbursed for services in a timely manner. 

Home care agencies in Michigan need to plan enough time for onboarding, training administrative staff, training caregivers, creating databases, adding integrations, and more.

Agencies need to invest time and resources in the following:

  • Train office staff how to use their new home care software. This includes learning how to:
    • Create schedules
    • Perform billing and payroll
    • Integrate with third-party software like QuickBooks, Home Care Pulse, Paradigm, and others
    • Learn how to send to information for payor sources like Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, and Long Term Care Insurance
  • Teaching their caregivers how to use EVV. This includes:
    • How to download the Rosemark Caregiver App
    • How to use the Caregiver App for daily tasks such as clocking in and out, reviewing care plans for clients, checking their schedules, collecting signatures, and looking at shift offers
  • Creating databases for clients, caregivers, and other staff members

Transitioning to EVV helps agencies become more efficient, refine operational processes, and cut down on unnecessary paperwork. 


Benefits of EVV:
  • More efficient, streamlined workflows
  • Cutting down on unnecessary paperwork
  • Saving the agency time and money
  • Caregiver accountability
  • Easily accessible data and reports that will help direct your agency for future growth

EVV Compliance and State Regulations for Michigan Home Care Agencies

Since Rosemark will integrate with HHAeXchange, Michigan’s EVV aggregator, by September 1, 2024, your electronic visit verification data will be passed directly to HHAeXchange via our software.

The Rosemark Caregiver App lets your caregivers clock in and out with ease and collects all the data required by the state to verify their shifts, including:

  • Type of Service performed
  • Client receiving service
  • Service date
  • Location of client service
  • Caregiver’s name
  • Visit start and end time

In addition to this required data, the Rosemark Caregiver App also provides the following functionality:

  • Offline Mode, which functions like traditional online mode, making it easy for caregivers with spotty cell reception or in limited Wi-Fi areas to take detailed notes and record completed tasks
  • Caregivers will find it easier to view tasks for clients and see what shifts were worked and what care plan tasks and activities of daily living (ADLs) were performed
  • Increased efficiency with reduced button pressing for things like clock-ins and clock-outs, ADLs, etc.
  • Color-coded, intuitive calendar for viewing shifts
  • Reminders for missing information that provide clear next steps
  • Shift Details and Shift Notes
  • Voice Messaging
  • Enhanced Client Signatures collection
  • Navigation using maps in the app
  • Track shift-to-shift travel time

FAQs About Michigan Home Care

  • Rosemark integrates with HHAeXchange state’s aggregator for Michigan EVV.
  • HHAeXchange sends the EVV data to the state.
  • Medicaid claims bill through via HHAeXchange.
  • For HHAeXchange, ALL shifts that cross MIDNIGHT must be split, per HHAeXchange’s system requirements.

Michigan requires all home care agencies billing Medicaid to include the following profile data for each client:

  • First and Last Name
  • Medicaid Number
  • Birthdate
  • Primary ICD 10 Diagnosis Code
  • Procedure Code

Home care agencies in Michigan are required by the state to include the following caregiver information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Birthdate
  • Social Security Number
  • Email address
  • Caregiver ID #
  • For HHAXeXchange Service Providers

    • Register with the state to provide Medicaid services
    • Receive a Medicaid provider ID and services/procedure codes of the type of care they are authorized to provide
    • Have software that integrates with the aggregator
    • Get a client
    • Set up client details and schedule
    • Record EVV
    • Send EVV and billing info to HHAeXchange
    • HHAeXchange processes billing
    • The state releases remittance reports and disburses money

Based on the Michigan specs for building the integration, customers who have gone through audits, and working with HHAeXchange for years, Rosemark’s Customer Success Team knows some best practices for home care agencies in Michigan:

  • Keep manual edits to Visits to a minimum.
  • When making a manual edit to a visit, choose a Reason Code that best matches the situation. For example:
    • Did the caregiver simply forget to clock in/out?
    • Or was there a problem with the visit?
  • The Reason Code and note section are very important when making manual edits to visits, especially if your agency were to be audited. Be sure to keep detailed notes.
  • Special documentation for manual edits to visits are required! This can be documentation of a phone call to the client verifying the visit was worked, a signed timesheet by the client, or – best case scenario – both.
    • If you’re audited, remember this: In the state’s eyes, if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.
  • It’s always better to have EVV by the caregiver, even if, for example, the caregiver clocked out hours late because they forgot.
  • To stay compliant, it is crucial to manage missing EVV and visit errors on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many reasons! But we’ll pick a few. First, we are extremely affordable for both start-up and established agencies. Second, we want to help you grow, so we put a strong focus on becoming your partner, not just your vendor, and having strategic conversations with you about your business goals. Third, our customer care team is the very best in the industry. We believe in high-touch, personalized care, and that’s what we deliver.

Yes, we do! The Rosemark Caregiver App is available in both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, allowing caregivers to manage their shifts with ease. It’s a great tool to help your agency and caregivers manage your Michigan EVV!

Just that. Our Customer Success team is knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated to meeting your agency’s needs. You’ll speak to an actual human when you call. If a team member is unavailable, you’ll get a very prompt call back.

Absolutely! And our home care management software meets 21st Century Cures Act requirements in many states as well.

Yes, an approved Michigan EVV vendor since the beginning, our home care software integrates with the state’s aggregator HHAeXchange so your Michigan home care agency can meet federal and state requirements for Medicaid EVV.

Unlike other software companies that force you to use their software-based invoicing and payroll system, Rosemark integrates with Quickbooks and exports data for third-party payroll systems like Paychex, ADP, Paychoice, etc.

Yes! The Rosemark System was designed for home care agencies that work with Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, and private pay clients. We have integrations for long-term care insurance and VA forms as well as electronic Medicaid billing, so you can streamline your processes and get paid faster.

Unlike some of our competitors that require lengthy 2-year contracts that are very difficult to get out of, we offer a month-to-month option as well as a discounted annual agreement.

If you are a brand new home care agency or an established agency not currently under contract with another vendor, we can get you started quickly. If you’ve already canceled your current contract with another vendor, we can get you started as soon as we get your data moved over. (Please note that this will depend upon the cooperation we receive from your current vendor.)

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