Georgia Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)Let’s get you compliant and in a position to get paid!

Are you a Georgia home care provider in need of an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system to comply with state Medicaid regulations and the 21st Century CURES Act?

All Georgia providers of personal care services must comply with these regulations for Medicaid claims processing and Rosemark can help.

Caregiver showing off the Rosemark System caregiver mobile app for evv

Comply with Georgia EVV Requirements Today

Our Rosemark System offers a full suite of business management tools to operate your home care business – everything from EVV options to features that manage scheduling, billing and payroll, care plans, caregiver communications, and more.

For agencies billing Medicaid for personal care services, our EVV tools integrate seamlessly with Georgia’s EVV data aggregator, Tellus, and enable agencies to receive Medicaid reimbursement without interruption. 

When you work with Rosemark, your agency can also be assured of the accuracy of any and all data that is shared with the state aggregator, allowing your business to avoid unnecessary issues and problems.   

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Rosemark EVV Meets Georgia Medicaid Requirements

Our EVV tools can verify:
  • Type of service performed
  • Individual receiving the service
  • Individual providing the service
  • Date the service was provided
  • Location of service delivery
  • Time the service begins and ends

Rosemark’s EVV Options: GPS-Enabled Mobile App and Telephony

We offer the Rosemark Caregiver Mobile App as well as telephony service to suit all of your agency’s business needs. Getting started is simple and the tools are very user-friendly for your caregivers in the field.

GPS map

The Rosemark Caregiver Mobile App utilizes GPS-enabled location verification to confirm caregiver location at and it can easily be accessed by caregivers from a mobile phone or other mobile device. The app can easily be accessed by caregivers from a mobile phone or other mobile device.

For shift locations where cellular service is unavailable, we also provide telephony service that is enabled via the use of a landline. Caregivers can then still accurately record their arrival and departure times and submit other notes and information about the shift as needed.

A Trusted Home Care Partner in Georgia and Beyond

Our Rosemark System is designed specifically for the home care industry and providers in Georgia and around the U.S. and Canada have relied upon it to operate their businesses for nearly three decades.

Sharon Franklin Assured & Associates Douglasville, GA

“At Assured & Associates we are moving to a paperless environment. That means no paper timesheets for physical billing or payroll reports. The people at Rosemark have been hands on with us from the very adoption of their home care software to help us achieve this.

I came from another organization that did everything paperless but it was not in the home care space so we were so happy to find Rosemark – their team is so knowledgeable about the home care industry. They are detail-oriented and their follow-through is phenomenal. They have helped us with assignment timesheets, Medicaid integrations, and setting up forms that we use in our agency. It would have been much harder to achieve these things without the Rosemark System and their customer care team to back it up.”

Affordable EVV for Agencies of All Sizes

Rosemark’s EVV tools are priced to be competitive for home care providers of all types and sizes. Getting started is easy and base monthly fees are minimal.

Still confused about EVV? To learn more about how our EVV options can work for your business and to make sure you’re compliant with regulations in Georgia, contact us to speak with a Rosemark team member.

Call 734-436-2631  or fill out the short form below to schedule a call with us.

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