Arizona Electronic Timekeeping

In need of tools to help verify that your home care business is providing private pay personal care services exactly when and where the services are scheduled to happen?

Our Rosemark System Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) tools can help.

Caregiver showing off the Rosemark System caregiver mobile app for evv

Rosemark’s EVV Options: GPS-Enabled Mobile App and Telephony

We offer two visit verification options – our Rosemark Caregiver Mobile app and a telephony service – to cover all of your business needs. Rosemark Caregiver Mobile utilizes GPS-enabled location verification to confirm the time and location of caregiver shifts. The app is also  available in both English and Spanish to allow your caregivers to choose their language preference when getting started. For client shifts where cell service is not available, our telephony service can be accessed through a landline.
Shift detail screenshot

Rosemark EVV tools can verify:

  • The type of service performed
  • The individual receiving the service
  • The date of service
  • The location of service delivery
  • The individual providing the service
  • The time the service begins and ends

Tools to Manage Your Entire Home Care Business

Rosemark also offers a full suite of business management tools to operate your home care business, including features that manage scheduling, billing and payroll, care plans, caregiver communications, and more.
GPS map
When you work with Rosemark, you can also be assured that the data and information you collect and utilize for billing purposes will always be secure and accurate, allowing your business to receive payment for qualified services without disruption.

A Trusted Home Care Partner in Arizona and Beyond

Our Rosemark System is designed specifically for the home care industry and providers in Arizona and around the U.S. and Canada have relied upon it to operate their businesses for nearly three decades.
Lavon Rutlege and Amy Smith of Alternate Solutions
Charlotte Mikan, RN CEO, CFO, Administrator and Owner River City Home Health

“My Arizona in-home care business has been using the Rosemark System for nearly eight years. We have had a wonderful partnership with them. I remain impressed with their professionalism, their prompt help, and their ongoing pursuit of making sure our needs are met. It is not uncommon for their customer care staff, or even company leadership, to check in to see if there is anything that could be improved with our current service and features. Most of the time, my suggestions are implemented within days. I can’t think of better customer service than that!

I truly recommend the Rosemark System. It is worth every penny and makes my job much easier! As anyone knows in this industry, scheduling can be a nightmare but their software makes it so much easier. It is a very easy platform to learn and they are regularly adding new features to make it even better. They have often assisted us with QuickBooks since we export everything from Rosemark. I have had more success getting help from them than I do with the actual QuickBooks helpline. We also use their EVV tools and I have no intention of switching providers.

I don’t impress easily, but I can honestly say they impress me often. It’s their personal service that keeps me loyal.”

Affordable EVV for Agencies of All Sizes

Rosemark’s EVV tools are priced to be competitive for home care providers of all types and sizes. Set up is easy and base monthly fees are minimal.

To learn more about how our EVV options can work for your home care business, contact us to speak with a Rosemark team member.

Call 734-463-2631, email us at, or fill out this short form to schedule  a demo of our EVV options, including the Rosemark Caregiver Mobile app.

Call 734-436-2631, email us at, or fill out this short form to schedule a call with us.

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