COVID-19 Health Screening Survey

Announcing: COVID-19 health screening survey for caregivers and clients. Be compliant and informed so that you can provide the best care.

Get COVID-19 Health Screening Survey Questions Answered on the Caregiver Mobile App, Staff, Caregiver and Client Web Portal and Telephony.

The Rosemark System Team has been working diligently with industry experts and created many very practical tools that will be critical for your agency’s legal and physical health. Accessing these tools through all of the technologies available gives you maximum flexibility to make sure that all of your bases are covered.

Alert Health Survey screenshot
There is so much more we’d love to show you. Notice the dark screen option to help save battery life.

Caregiver Mobile App

The Caregiver Mobile App uses GPS technology to allow  caregivers to clock in and out through a mobile app on their own phone. Caregivers can take the survey at home before going to the client’s locations.

With alerts, you and your office staff will be notified ahead of time if there is a problem so you can take steps to cover the shift in a timely manner. The mobile app has many features that are also useful. Caregivers can receive, accept or reject shift offers. They can record tasks, make comments, and leave voicemails.

The Web Portal is available for tablet use by staff and for caregivers who do not have smart phones but have internet access through a computer or tablet. Clients and family members have access to a dedicated Client Web Portal. Here they can see the client’s schedule, see who the scheduled caregiver is, and take the COVID-19 health survey. There are other features available, too.

Telephony makes it possible to survey your caregivers at home well before the start of a shift without clocking in. If the health survey uncovers a problem, the caregiver will not be able to clock in to his or her shift. When there is a problem with a caregiver’s health, you can be alerted well in advance so no shifts are left uncovered.


Customizable COVID-19 Survey

Amid these trying times of COVID-19, to help decrease your liability and keep your clients and caregivers safe, we have created helpful tools for you and your home care agency. Legally reviewed health screening questions provide a way for you to get current information from your key people: clients and caregivers. We are part of a group of home health leaders and software vendors working with the industry legal experts to come up with tools and survey questions to help make it clear whether or not caregivers are fit and healthy to work or clients are showing symptoms or have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

We have made it easy to customize the COVID-19 survey questions. You can remove questions or change the make-up of the questions to suit your own circumstances. For instance, you may not feel the need to include the question: “Have you been on a cruise in the last two weeks?” Or, you may want to ask for more details about specific symptoms.

Screenshot of Health Survey Question in Tasks
See how a survey question appears to your caregiver on the mobile app.
Screenshot of Missing Health Survey message
This is what caregivers will see if they try to clock in to a shift without haven taken the health survey.

Required Survey Response Before Clock-In

Your caregivers’ health at the time of the shift is very important. You would want to know well in advance of any given shift that they are healthy, able to work and do not pose a health risk to your clients. With the Rosemark tools, you have that ability. With the Rosemark Caregiver Mobile App, caregivers can take the survey well in advance of their shift, even at home before the day starts. Timing requirements are flexible; they can be required to take the survey every 12 hours, 16 hours or whatever you decide.

The Rosemark Web App allows your care workers to take the survey on a computer or tablet if they do not have a smart phone. Rosemark Telephony will also let your care workers use the telephone to take the survey via telephony from their own phone. When they get to the client’s house they can then use the client phone to clock in and out.

Real Time Alerts if Caregiver Self-Identifies as Health Risk

Get emails or texts to the address of your choice in real time so you are alerted that you may need to make changes to the schedule or get another caregiver for the shift.

Record of Responses

Have legal documentation of who took the survey and when they took the survey, including date and time. Now you have the responses that were made to the survey for your records.

Screenshot of Completed Survey
Here's what the caregiver sees once the health survey is completed.
Screenshot of Web Portal Health Survey Override
In the Rosemark Web Portal, edit your health screening survey questions, override any questions answered in error, monitor responses and provide client portal to gather COVID-19 questions from care recipients.

Override Health Survey Errors

Everyone makes mistakes. Caregivers may have clicked the wrong button, they may have misunderstood the question or maybe they just weren’t paying attention. Whatever the reason, if answered incorrectly, the caregiver will not have the ability to clock in to his/her shift. In any of these cases, you will have the ability to override a caregiver’s answer, recording a reason for the change so that the caregiver can then clock in to the shift.

With early notification you can already know that someone in your office will be required to address the situation, as shown in Fig. C.

Clients or Responsible Party on the Client’s Behalf Has the Ability to Take the Health Survey

Through the Rosemark Client Portal, the client (or a family member on the client’s behalf) would be able to take the health survey. You would be alerted if there is a risk to them and to your caregiver. This can be an important tool for keeping on top of the health of all of your important people.

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