Agency Resources

At Rosemark, we know that the home care industry is continually evolving and changing. To help customers stay on top of these changes, we offer a variety of resources and industry information to help you more effectively manage growth and plan for changes that may impact your business. Contact us online or call us today at (734) 808-4050 to learn how we can help.

Customer Advisory Group

The monthly customer advisory group meets with the goal of sharing industry information, discussing best practices and learning more about how other users utilize the Rosemark software to help them run more efficiently and effectively.

Our customers routinely tell us that this unique group is immensely helpful and we are proud to offer this service of bringing people together as part of our customer service solutions.

To learn more about the Rosemark system and how our industry-leading home care software solutions can help you increase efficiencies, improve care outcomes and lower costs, contact us today at (734) 436-2631 to set up a free demo.

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