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With 25 years of experience providing software for the home care industry, our Rosemark System is one of the most sound and proven management solutions available to home care agencies today.


The Rosemark System provides home care agency owners with a fully-customizable business managment software system that we design to meet each client's unique needs and we ensure that it is scalable to grow with our clients' businesses as they grow.

Access Any Time, Anywhere

The Rosemark System is cloud-based and accessible by management and staff from anywhere they happen to be - in the field, the office, or elsewhere.

Easy to Use

Our clients are busy and don't have time to master a complicated management system, so we've designed the Rosemark System to be intuitive and easy for everyone to use. From office staff to caregivers in the field, thousands of users have worked with our system and we've consistently been told that ease of use is a major benefit.

Bullet-Proof Reliability and Speed

While simple to use, the Rosemark System is also elegant in design and allows our clients to focus on running their businesses with the peace of mind that the technology behind our software will perform reliably 24/7, day in and day out.

For home care agencies looking to transition to a paperless office, streamline billing and scheduling processes, and enjoy integrated cloud-based management tools, look no further than our Rosemark System.

Contact us to learn more about how our Rosemark System can help you manage your business.

Our Rosemark System is the ultimate business management tool. We've designed it to make every aspect of managing a home care agency simpler, faster, and more convenient. Fully-integrated tools within our system allow you to:

  • See your entire schedule at a glance with color-coded visuals, caregiver exclusion, and mapping.
  • Utilize the scheduling system to offer caregiver shifts to employees on-the-go via text messaging.
  • Operate billing and payroll tasks with ease. For example, our QuickBooks Connection allows you to generate invoices from the schedule and set-up different pay structures. Rosemark also lets you manage third-party payroll exports.
  • Manage caregiver timesheets via our GPS-enabled Rosemark Telephony system which automatically confirms shifts as complete and provides email and text no-show alerts to ensure your clients' care is always covered.
  • Garner feedback from your clients' loved ones through open communication channels and make it possible for your clients to view their caregiver schedules online.

When developing our system, we took extra steps to include details and features that truly make running a home care agency more effective and efficient. The features of our Rosemark System are customizable for each customer's unique needs, but our promise to every customer is that their management tasks will always be streamlined and easy to oversee.

Customer Testimonial:

“If you want a scheduling system that realllllllllllly integrates with Quickbooks there is nothing better (than Rosemark).” 

-David Hoppe, Co-Owner, Abby Senior Care.

Contact us to learn more about how our Rosemark System can help you manage your business.

We've served the home care industry for 25 years and love working with agency owners to help make their businesses successful. With the Rosemark System, our customers have access to detailed dashboards and reports to help track their business performance at a glance. Using this information, they can then make decisions as appropriate and focus efforts on areas in need of improvement. Our customers are able to easily monitor key performance area related to:

  • Client acquisition and retention
  • Marketing activities
  • Revenue management
  • Billing and Payroll
  • Caregiver management and schedules
  • Full Time Equivalency (FTE) report

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Our Rosemark System even offers government compliance reports to prove that our customers' agencies are in line with government rules and regulations.

Customer Testimonial:

"Switching to Rosemark was the best decision we have made!"

- Stephanie Hebert, Owner, Village Home Care - Hot Springs, AR

Contact us to learn more about how the Rosemark System can help you manage your business.

It's no accident that our Rosemark System is sound and incredibly reliable. We've built the Rosemark System to last and to consistently provide speed and excellent performance for our customers' businesses around the clock, each and every day.

Regular Updates with no Downtime

For example, while we regularly update our system to ensure optimal performance for our customers, these updates and improvements do not result in regular periods of downtime for our customers. We can't imagine that a home care agency could function smoothly with significant and regular downtime and neither should you. What is the impact of downtime on your agency?

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Dependable Performance

We pride ourselves on the dependability of our system and pledge to give our customers peace of mind in knowing that their management system will perform for them day in and day out. One of our customers recently said, "You know what I like about Rosemark? It just works." The Rosemark System provides 24/7 trusted software and support for your 24/7 business.

Customer Testimonial:

“I have been using the Rosemark Home Care Management System since 2005 and within that time I can only recall 2 hours (total over 10 years) that the system was down. That makes their up time 99.9999%.”

-Paul Gach, Owner Visiting Angels Charlotte, NC.

Contact us to learn more about how our Rosemark System can help you manage your business.

With our cloud-based Rosemark System, our customers can easily access everything they need to manage their businesses from wherever they may be working at any given time. Our customers can easily and efficiently oversee a variety of tasks including scheduling, telephony caregiver check-in, billing and payroll, and referral management efforts from any location.

Paper Free Caregivers

Our cloud-based system is a great benefit to caregivers, as well. They can complete their care plan documentation right from their tablet or laptop, eliminating the need to carry around loose paperwork and presenting a more professional experience for their clients.

Client Portal

Our Rosemark System also provides web-accessible schedules to our customers' clients so they can have the comfort of always knowing who to expect and when. Giving our customers and their clients peace of mind is our goal at Shoshana Technologies.

Customer Testimonial:

“The last contact I made was to Shoshana. I wish they'd been the first! As the demo went on I knew it was the right prodcut for us!”

-Mary Ribeiro, Owner, Seniors Helping Seniors of Northeast Washtenaw County, MI

Contact us to learn more about how our Rosemark System can help you manage your business.

The safety and security of your data is of utmost concern to us. Our software provides you with bank-level encryption, along with password protected access and multiple level staff access. These processes ensure your valuable information is safe and secure. This way of doing business makes you HIPAA compliant as well.

State of the Art Data Management

Shoshana Technologies has built Rosemark in a ring of multiple servers housed in state of the art managed data centers situated in different parts of the United States. Continuous hot backup of data at a transactional level ensures that your precious data is safe, secure and accessible.

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